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National Insurance Contributions 2012/13:

The starting point for employees and workers to pay NIC is £146 per week from April 2012 (you do not pay NIC on earnings under this amount).

You will pay 12% of the amount you earn (between the starting point and upper earnings limit) as Class 1 NIC. You will pay a lower amount if you are member of your employer’s contracted out pension scheme).

The upper earnings limit is £817 per week.

Self-employed individuals usually play Class 2 NIC’s – these entitle you to the basic State Pension and State Maternity Allowance. Class 2 NIC’s do not give you entitlement to Job Seekers Allowance, Statutory Sick Pay or the additional State Pension.

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The Government will scrap Employer’s national insurance contributions for workers aged under-21 in April 2015 (if they are not higher rate tax payers).

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