Updated 2016.

SSP is paid to employees or workers (who pay Class 1 National Insurance Contributions) who cannot work because of sickness.

Those who are self-employed (and pay Class 2 National Insurance Contributions) have no entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay, but may be able to claim Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance (which was introduced to replace Incapacity Benefit in January 2011).  The Direct Gov page here gives more details of this change.

The standard rate of SSP is £88.45 from 6th April 2015 (this will NOT be increased in 2016).  You are entitled to SSP from your employer if you meet the qualifying conditions, which are:

  • You must be sick for at least 4 days in a row (including weekends and bank holidays), which is called a ‘Period of Incapacity for Work’ (PIW).   One of these days must be a Qualifying Day (QD).  A qualifying day is a worker normally works, and your Employer must have at least one QD in each week.
  • You must earn before tax and national insurance deductions an average of £112 per week (from 6th April 2015; this will not change in 2016) – calculated over the 8 weeks ending with the last pay day before the sickness began.  ‘Average’ weekly earning include normal wages, any holiday pay, any overtime, sick pay or maternity pay you are receiving.  If you have not had 8 weeks earnings, your Employer must ‘average’ the actual earnings you have had in this period.
  • If you have received benefits such as ESA, invalidity pension, other sickness allowances within the last 12 weeks you are not eligible for SSP.
  • There is no minimum period you need to have worked for your employer to qualify for SSP.
  • There are no age limits to receiving SSP.
  • You must notify your Employer that you are sick as soon as possible – and within 7 days of the first day of your sickness (unless your Employer has its own time limited) and provide medical evidence.  Your Employer can withhold payment for SSP for the period of delay in notifying them of your sickness where there is no good cause for the delay.

SSP is not paid for the first 3 days of your sickness (these are called ‘Waiting Days’), but after that you are paid SSP for the days that you normally work.

If you arrive at work and do some work (even a minute) that day will not be treated as a day of incapacity for SSP purposes.  If an employee works shifts, for example, a shift starting at 6pm on Friday and finishing at 2am on Saturday, if they become sick on Saturday that will count as a day of incapacity for SSP (even though they have worked part of their shift).

‘Periods of Incapacity for Work’ (PIW) can be linked and treated as one PIW if the gap between them is 8 weeks or less (56 days).  SSP is paid for a maximum of 28 weeks and when it ends (or if you can no longer claim it) you may be able to claim Incapacity Benefit/Employment and Support Allowance from your local Job Centre; your employer needs to give you an SSP1 form which they complete and you send to your local Job Centre.

If you are only able to provide your employer with a non-UK medical certificate for a period of sickness (as you have been abroad), then the HMRC can arrange translation of the certificate into English if the employee is in dispute with the Employer about their SSP entitlement.  Otherwise, Employers should arrange for the medical certificate to be translated.

If your employer does not pay you SSP or you believe they are paying you an incorrect amount, and if you cannot sort this out with your employer, you can contact your local HM Revenue and Customs office who will help – details are here – you may also be able to make a claim for an ‘unlawful deduction of wages‘ through an Employment Tribunal.

Employers are legally entitled to make deductions from SSP for salary overpayments, for example, but are not advised to do this as this could breach the implied duty of trust and confidence which exists between the employer and employee – more details about pay deductions are here.

Many employers may offer more generous payments to employees if they are off sick, under their own schemes (which may have different ‘reporting’ your sickness requirements).

From 6th April 2014, Employers will not be able to claim SSP costs back – see our new article here

If you are off sick you should let your employer know as soon as possible.   If your sickness is caused by an accident at work, then your Employer should follow their accident reporting requirements under RIDDOR regulations – details are here.  See our new article on accidents and injuries at work here.

Holiday entitlement during sick leave and sick leave during holidays!  Since 2012 we have been getting closer to some clarity on what happens in these situations – see our August 2012 Guide to holiday entitlement and sick leave here for full details.

For details of your pay rights during your notice period go to this link.

In 2015 the Government will introduce a ‘Fit for Work’ Service for Employers to help manage long-term sickness and GP’s can refer employees to this scheme (as can an Employer with the employee’s consent) – you can read the details about the new service here.

The HRMC publish a Guide for Employers about paying SSP which you can see here.

Sick Notes

If you return from sickness within 7 days you should be required to fill in a self-certificate form explaining the nature of your sickness absence.

If you are ill for 7 days or more you need to get a certificate from your Doctor giving the reason why you could not go to work.  Your Employer cannot withhold SSP if you are late in sending in a fit note, although they can withhold SSP if you are late in notifying them that you are sick.

See more details here about working a second job while you are on long-term sick leave.

As of 6th April 2010 these certificates are known as a ‘fit note’.

The purpose of the new fit-note is to encourage the gradual reintroduction of employees to work, as they recover from their illness, which the Government believed would help both employees and employers.

The new ‘fit’ note will only have 2 options.  GP’s will indicate that sick individuals:

  • Are totally “unfit for work”
  • “May be fit for some work” (with GP’s advice)

They will not have an option to state you are fit for work.

The Government issued guidance and help for GP’s on completing the new fit notes (called Statement of Fitness for Work) and guidance for Employers on how to help employees return to work after periods of sickness.

In 2015, when the Government’s new Fit for Work service is launched a ‘Return to Work‘ Plan agreed under the Fit for Work scheme may be accepted in place of a Fit Note – more details are here.

Important information about fit notes:

  • The new ‘fit’ note can only be issued by GP’s for a maximum period of 3 months in the first 6 months of sickness.
  • The new statement is not required to be given to your employer until after the 7th calendar day of sickness.
  • The new system has no effect on how SSP functions or on Employers obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • The old white sick note (called Med 3) or pink sick note (called Med 5) are both replaced by the one new form (Statement of Fitness for Work).  The yellow (Med 10) form that is issued when an individual has been a hospital in-patient will not change and will continue to be issued.
  • GP’s are asked to choose ‘may be fit for work’ where they think the person may be able to return to work, even if not completely well, if they get suitable support from their Employers.
  • GP’s will then list whether an employee would benefit from a phased return to work, altered hours or duties or workplace adaptions, but they do not need to go into detail regarding what activities an employee can carry out.
  • The fit note will state whether you need to see your GP again (at the end of the duration of the fit note), before you return to normal or ‘supported’ work.  If your GP does not need to see you again you would be expected to return to work at the end of the Statement period.  If your GP needs to see you before this date, and during this consultation they feel you can return to normal work (without support, which is being called ‘functional limitations’) you will not be issued with a new statement.
  • If circumstances change during the period of the fit note duration and employees feel they are ready to return to work (with or without support), they need to return to their GP for an amended fit note.

More information on what the Employers guidance notes on fit-notes say:

  • Employers should discuss the GP’s ‘may be fit for some work’ comments with the employee to see if the GP’s suggestions can be accommodated.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved with the employee, Employers are asked to consider taking advice from an Occupational Health (OH) professional and/or contact the GP to discuss the comments.
  • If an Employer cannot provide the necessary support or cannot agree with the Employee about the type of support suggested by the GP, then the Government have advised that the GP’s comments are advisory only and so are not binding on the Employer.  Where there is no agreement and the employee cannot return to work then the ‘fit note’ will be treated as a ‘not fit for work’ note, until the situation changes.

For information about dismissals due to ill-health see our Guide to how your Employment can come to an End here.

For information about disability and discrimination and more about reasonable adjustments see our Guide here.

For information about “taking a sickie” read on here!

If you are an Employer and need ongoing professional help with any staff/freelance issues, or a Contractor/Freelancer/Employee with a complicated employment related problem then talk to Lesley at The HR Kiosk – a Human Resources Consultancy for small businesses – our fees are low to reflect the pressures on small businesses and you can hire us for as much time as you need.

Please note that the advice given on this website and by our Advisors is guidance only and cannot be taken as an authoritative or current interpretation of the law. It can also not be seen as specific advice for individual cases. Please also note that there are differences in legislation in Northern Ireland.

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  • nice post….. thanks for the information…

    • Thanks for your comment! Always nice to know we’re helping!

  • Martin Collard

    When I transferred over from one company to another via TUPE we had to change from fortnightly pay to monthly pay and were given a company loan to do this payable back out of wages over a year. Now I am off sick and am only in receipt of SSP , can my employer deduct the monthly costs of the “loan” from my SSP. It is not a student loan. More like a company bridging loan and is about £120 per month. SSP is killed if this is taken like this.

  • Sue

    I wonder if you can help me.  My contract states that I have 20 days full pay sick and 20 days half pay.  In July I was off for 17 work days after being diagonised with arthritis in noth knees and my hip.  I eventually had cortisone injections and returned to work a week earlier than my certificate stated.  This bought my sick leave up to 24 days so was paid accordingly on half pay.  I was called in today by my line manager (IT director) who informed me that as sick pay is discretionary I will not be paid any sick leave (if taken) until my 24 days are cleared.  We work on a rolling sick year and I did have 7 days off previous to this sick period.  Can they do this?  I thought that it was discretionary after the 20/20 days had been used up and I know for a fact that other people within the company have had far more time off and been paid full pay.  Many thanks for any help

    • Lesley Furber

      hi Sue, thanks for your query.  Basically, this is all going to come down to how the occupational sick pay is described in the policy/handbook/contract.  You will always be entitled to SSP (if you meet the qualifying conditions), however, occupational sick pay (as it is enhanced) will most likely be discretionary.  I’m not sure what you mean by the ’24 days are cleared’ though?  Does he mean into next year? If you can let me know by e-mail on workline@freelanceadvisor.co.uk.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Hyattconsultantsllp

    i have an employee who is off sick from my hairdressing salon and claiming sick pay but is working freelance from home is this allowed

    • Lesley Furber

      hi, basically no – but there are a lot of factors you need to take into account.  I’m going to e-mail you.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Coopsmacat

    Hi I’m a self employed Childminder and am 20 wks pregnant at the min.
    I suffer from back problems previous to my pregnancy and am finding it quite difficult working at the moment I work 2 days a week I know if I go see my gp they will tell me to rest and prob give a sick note but I don’t know what I’d have to do next if he does as I can’t afford time off work but can’t risk making matters worse what would I do with a sick note if given one where do I take it and how long would I be able to have off before it would mean I start maternity early as I really don’t want to do that.
    Many thanks

    • Lesley Furber

      hi Sarah, I’m going to e-mail you as I have some questions.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Ds


    I have been in my job just over a year now and have been signed off by the doctor due to stress related issues for almost 2 months now, in my first month off I recieved a full months wage and then this month they are advising that I am not getting any pay! Is this allowed?


    • Lesley Furber

       Hi, it’s going to depend on what your contract says about what your Employer will pay you when you’re ill.  They do not have a legal obligation to pay you any more than SSP, but they must pay you this if you meet the SSP qualifying conditions.  (This is all assuming you are a worker or an employee and are not a Freelancer).  If you have any queries you can e-mail me on workline@freelanceadvisor.co.uk.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Jasonrock10

    hi i have been with my employer for ten years now..but recentley i have been out of work with depression and siatica..its been 3 monthes since i last worked.i have had 2 meetings with the company and they say they are looking to sack me as they can not get a fixed time of when i will return to work..this as made me more anxious and really upset..do i have any rights or are they free to let me go as they want to..there is little or no advice on my rights

    • Lesley Furber

       hi Jason, you have rights but your Employer also has the right to dismiss you on the grounds of incapacity.  In order for your Employer to dismiss you and for this to be seen as ‘fair’ at an Employment Tribunal then they need to make sure that your 
      job is suitable for you and you’ve had adequate time to recover from your illness; they must follow a fair procedure to dismiss you which will include
      consultation with you and they must have obtained medical evidence to
      determine whether you can continue to be employed and whether your
      sickness levels will continue at the same level.   If you’re disabled
      your employer has a legal duty to try to make ‘reasonable adjustments’
      to how/where you work and has to take into account the new provisions
      under the Equality Act 2010.  You could visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau as they may be able to help you here.  Good luck, Lesley, Workline

  • Guest

    Does anyone now if fit note stating needs to be off work for a month means a calender month or 28 days?

    • Lesley Furber

      Hi, I would imagine if it says a month it means a whole month – but ideally your GP needs to be clearer about what they mean.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

      • Guest

        Hi Lesley,

        The Dr cant be any clearer as he has dispensed the sick note putting the word “a month”. The sick note has been sent to my employer already. I just need to know its definition from a medically legal point of view.
        Thank u

        • Lesley Furber

          hi Guest, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that – you do need to ask your GP what he/she actually meant.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Stacemarie

    hello. i was ill with flu for one week and 3days, sick note was handed in to my employer but failed to pay, head office said they havnt recieved the sicknote when my store manger had it.  next pay i had from last month i still havnt got paid it. however, its been total 7 weeks since i was ill with flu, now im off again due to depression and panic attacks for 8weeks, sicknote was handed to my employer. head office recieved this sicknote but still havnt recieved my other sick note from 7weeks ago. they told me i cannot get paid this 8weeks sick pay as i wasnt earning enough in the last 8weeks before my illness. i was working 20hours a week in last 8weeks before my illness but had one week and three day off when i had flu.(with sicknote)
    so has my store manager effected my ssp because he failed to pass my (flu) sick note onto hr? and what should i do?

    • Lesley Furber

      Hi I’m going to reply to you by e-mail as I have some questions.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Mikecoles

    Can anyone tell me does a fit note run from date of issue or does it run concurrently to a previous issued note that expired 2 days later?

    • Lesley Furber

      Hi, I’m afraid I don’t know for sure but I would guess it runs from the date of issue.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Claire Appleton

    Hi, can you please tell me what to do as an Employer if: –

    Employee Statement of Fitness has expired but the Employee has not returned to work.

    (statement says – not fit for work for 2 weeks and they will not need to assess fitness for work again at the end of this period).


    • Lesley Furber

      hi Claire, I’m going to reply to you by e-mail.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Milesfairhurst

    went off work beginning tuesday and need to know if weekends/bank holidays are included in my days off…i only work monday-friday..

    • Lesley Furber

      Miles, hi, do you mean if weekends/bank holidays are included in sick pay or in your holiday days? You can e-mail me on workline@freelanceadvisor.co.uk.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Can anyone tell me if the fit note starts from the “Date I assessed your case” or from the “Date of Statement”?

    • Lesley Furber

      hi Sam, the advice for GP’s when Fit Notes were introduced says that         
      “The Statement may be issued:
      – on the day that you assessed your patient;
      – on a date after you assessed your patient if you consider
      that it would have been reasonable to issue a Statement
      on the day of the assessment; or
      –     after consideration of a written report from another
      doctor or registered health care professional”
      So I am assuming that means it should start from the date of assessment. 
      Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Viv

    Hi Lesley,

    I am off with anxiety and panic disorder. I have been receiving full pay  for the first 2 months and then it dropped to 50% OSP but I was not informed although they committed to keep in touch on a weekly basis (did not happen) and keep me informed. of any changes.
    Should I not have been notified of the reduction and stated a date?… what if they stop all pay and I just find it out when I look at a bank statement. I need a bit of advice plse. Dr advised ‘fit for work with amended duties’ (stated vaguely) , company have refered me to thier website and promised to forward internal links of which Ihave recieved one expired role. 

    • Lesley Furber

      Hi Viv, you need to check what your contract says about sick-pay and how much you will get and how long for – and any Company Policy they have about sick pay.  This should explain what should happen and when but you would expect them to contact you to confirm this.  If your Occupational Sick Pay runs out then you will receive Statutory Sick Pay (if you are entitled – see above).  I would advise that you call the appropriate person at your company and get them to confirm these things for you too.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Debra

    Hi im a security officer who does a lot of walking, i have been given a fit note stating i need to reduce the amount of walking im doing due to planta fasciitus an injury to my foot. My employers have, for the past week before my fit note, been accomodating this and allowing me to use the security vehicle instead of walking. but since i gave them my note they have contacted me and told me i cannot return to work until it is sorted! What can i do as i cant afford to be off work? Surely they should continue to allow me to work as i have been?

    • Lesley Furber

      Hi Debra, thanks for your message.  This is a difficult situation as your Employers have a duty to look after your safety so I can possibly see why they have done this – however, what did the fit note say, did the GP advise your Employers that you could continue to work? Employers do not need to follow this advice from a GP but will consider whether the GP’s recommendations are  possible.  Have you discussed with your Employers that you would like to continue working if you can use a vehicle? Have they confirmed what pay you will receive, as you will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay once you meet the qualifying conditions (see above).  Hope that helps.  If you have any queries you can e-mail me on workline@freelanceadvisor.co.uk.  Regards, Lesley, Workline

      • Lingler_4

        Hi Lesley, thanks for replying my fit note said i need reduced walking but am fit for work. I am going to arrange a meeting with my employer to try to arrange to come back to work and use the vehicle but am anticipating it to be difficult as i stated to them i would like to continue working but this appeared to fall on deaf ears. Thanks again.

  • Dolores

    Hello, just about to employ 4 carers for my disabled son. They will be working 24hours on and 3 days off, so this means they will work 7 days in a 28 day period. I am in the process of writing contracts and was wondering if the SSP rule of 3 waiting days still applies for these hours.

    ~Thank you in anticipation of a reply.


  • Helen

    I am self employed and employ 6 staff I recently had an accident that has put me off work for 6 + weeks, am I able to claim any sort of sick pay?

  • sandy

    hi leslie i have been working for my employer for only one week. I then went on a two week previously booked holiday. I have fallen and damaged my knee, am on crutches and will be off work for some time, will i be able to get ssp from my employer. thanks

    • Lesley Furber, Workline

      Hi Sandy yes you are entitled to SSP while you are employed (there is no time limit you need to be at your Employers), but SSP is not payable until the 4th day of sickness. Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Michael

    Hi i need some help please, i had a heart operation on 12/12/12 and will be off work for approx 5 months, im self employed and stay with my partner who works full time as far as i was aware i had paid all class 2 national insurance until i tried to make a claim while i was off work. I was told i was entitled to £71 a week but had to send a cheque with the date of year missed written on it to inland revenue to cover the period missed then i was entitled to benefit, now im being told that payment has been put towards previous year and i still need to pay more!I was also told that late payments take six weeks to go on to the system and I now have no money to pay anymore to them and still have 3.5 months until i can return to work! What can i do about it? Thanks

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Michael, thanks for your message. I’m afraid I can’t help you as this is to do with HMRC/benefits. You should call the HMRC or see Citizens Advice. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Rod

    Hi i need to know can my employer put me on the sick. I fractured a bone in my right hand last October 18th, so was not able to do drive. My FLM ( fleet line manager ) asked me if i would like to work in the office for awhile until my cast came off. When it did my consultant put on my sick note able to drive but light duties only. The flm put another driver with me. Now my consultant has told me because of the fracture it as caused arthritis to flare up and i need to have a steriod injection under a local, this was yesterday 21st February and he has still put light duties only. I feel they should put me back in the office or put the other driver with me until i can lift with both hands. Please help. Thank you.

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Rod, your employer should do all it can to comply with the hospital’s advice, but it is not binding on them, they can do what is best for their business in the circumstances. So, if they are unable to provide you with other light duties then yes they can require you to be on sick leave. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Hanalou88

    HI just wondering if you could help me, ive been signed off work since the first week in december2012 at least up until the 14th of march, but after collecting my wages from work this week i noticed my rate of ssp has been reduced from 85.85 to 68.68 on asking my employer he told me that it reduces after so long, is this right?

  • disqus_UtrfXiipHn

    i am a nurse in the nhs. i am 20 weeks pregnant. i have had 4 weeks pregnancy related sickness in my first trimester and now i have sciatica caused by pregnancy also made worse by work. i have been in employment under a year. the ‘standard’ sick policy pays ‘1 month full pay and 2months half pay’. can my employer still deduct my wages even with pregnancy related illness?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi, thanks for your query. The sick pay policy should stand regardless of the reason for the sickness. Your maternity leave will start earlier though if you are absent from
      work for a pregnancy-related reason in the four-week period before your
      expected week of childbirth. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • disqus_ku1AGidWDq

    hiya my ssp has just dropped from 85.85 to 68.68. ive been on sick 5mnths now, and my employer wont tell me the reason its dropped. Could you tell me if it does drop after 5mnths please?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi, thanks for your message. SSP stops completely after 28 weeks. It can’t be reduced though. Do you have a contract of employment that might explain what is going on if your Employer will not explain what has happened? Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Steve


    I have been of sick since the end of October 2012. My employer informed me I am entitled to 20 weeks full pay and 20 weeks half pay. After a meeting with my employers I was sent an SSP1 form informing me to cliam ESA as the 28week SSP has ended. I have only been paid 8 weeks of half pay, instead of 20 weeks stated in my contract of employment. My employers won’t tell me why the sudden change of mind. Please can you tell me if this is legal.


    • lesleyfurber

      hi Steve, your Employer does not have to pay you more than the SSP rate if you are off sick – however if your contract (or any sickness policy that your Employer has) says that you are entitled to 20 weeks half pay, and this is not discretionary, then you should receive it. So you need to check your contract/handbook/sickness policy and see how this is described, whether there is a ‘discretionary’ element to the sick pay. Your Employer should tell you why their position has changed though. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • jean

    hi .I booked a holiday abroad in January to be taken beginning June 2013. 3 weeks ago I badly sprained my foot & was put on the sick .my doctor has now given me another unfit for work note for a further 3 weeks .this goes into / over my pre booked holiday period .the doctor said I would benefit from the holiday whilst I am unfit to do my job .My employer said that I would still have use my holiday entitlement & not sickness .others have told that I should get my holiday entitlement back at a later date could you please tell who is correct . ny thanks

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Jean, thanks for your message. If you have been signed as unfit for work then sick pay should cover this and you should get your holiday entitlement back. However, if you only get paid SSP when you are off sick then it may actually benefit you to take this as holiday, i.e. as you’d get paid more for the period. Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • MOnika

    Hi, I want ask about SSP. I have been ill for two weeks and 3 days, Im not bring my employer sick leave and self certificate ass soon ass possible,but just on secound week of my sick, (but my employer known about my ill becouse I call to office every single day) so they not pay me for first week normaly but they pay me on next pay day (next week) for two weeks. They pay me only about 100 pounds for two weeks, I think that is not enought. Am I have right? What you think about this? I found information that I should get 85.85 for each week. What I should to do?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Monika. SSP if you work full-time is £85.95 per week at the moment. It is not paid for the first 3 days of sickness though and then will be paid for every day you would normally work. You need to ask your Employer how they have worked out what they are paying you – if you are not providing sick certificates then your Employer may not be able to pay you. Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Debra

    Hi i have been off sick and its coming up to my 6 Months, but in the middle i came back on a Fase to work note for a week but found it to much and was put off sick again does this count as contiues sick so i go to half pay or does it count as going back to work.

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Debra, it’s going to depend how long you can back for I expect. Sick periods can be ‘linked’ for statutory sick pay reasons if they start within 8 weeks of each other.. Obviously I don’t know the ‘rules’ of your occupational sick pay scheme so you need to find them and read them. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Simon

    Hi, i have injured my hand in work, I’ve been off for two weeks, with the doctors note, now I came back and thr store manager decided he will not pay me for those two weeks as the injury has been caused by me not following the health and safety, does he have the right to do that? Thanks !

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Simon, no, you are eligible for SSP for those 2 weeks. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Jonpaul Reay

    Hi. I have been off sick due to the heat and the working environment which made me clinically ill. Can I request that I am paid for the days pay I lost due?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Jonpaul, I have replied to your e-mail about the same. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • marie

    hi my partner has been off sick since feb 2012 due to cancer and work have been really good and paid full pay he went back feb 2013 ( phased bak to work ov 3 weeks ) with a fit for work note that the doctor didnt want to give but did because my partner was desperate to go back to work but he couldnt cope due to his feet ( nerve end damage due to chemo ) and has fit for work under amended duties but work cannot find a job that requires him to sit down and from the 1st of august 2013 they will b putting him on ssp ,but he is fit for work just amended duties we are confused can they put him on ssp even tho hes fit for work please help

    • lesleyfurber

      HI Marie, thanks for your message and I’m sorry to hear about your situation. If he’s fit for work but with amended duties then his Employer should look to amend his duties. However, a GP’s suggestions on a fit-note are not binding on an Employer and they do not need to do this. The Employer should try to meet the requirements, but if that is not possible, then they may have no choice but to do what they are doing. Will they talk to your partner to explain this to him and explain what plans they have etc. Regards and good luck. Lesley, Workline

      • marie

        they have tryd to amend his duties well they gave him a list of jobs on offer but they are all standing jobs no sit down and he cud do them with a weeks retrainin but they wont do it but thank you so much atleast we no now thank you again ,can he take them for wrongful dismissal ? once again ty

        • lesleyfurber

          HI Marie, yes he could try an unfair dismissal case if his employment is ended on ill-health grounds. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

          • marie

            Thank you for your help

  • Dena Hiscock

    Hi i have fractured my ankle at work playing rounders this happened the day before breaking up for 6 weeks holiday as i work in a college. do i need to inform my work place that this has happened? will i need to go on sick pay and what would happen to my Holiday pay?

  • stuart

    hi i have been off work as a result of having to take insulin for my
    diabetes as this is the first time i have informed DVLA of this i cant
    drive until they say it is ok as a result i asked for dissability leave
    so i didn’t face any financial hardship as result of it not being my
    fault this was refused and had to wait 3 weeks for any money as i am
    only part time at the weekends and had wait the normal 3 qualifying days
    is this legal as the equality act 2010 statutory code of practice lists
    disability leave as a reasonable adjustment ?? however they said they
    would not be counting the time for purposes of absent management can you
    advise please

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Stuart thanks for your message. Your Employer may have a sick-pay policy which explains what sort of sick pay they will pay and when and they may not have a ‘disability leave’ policy seperately – if they only pay SSP when you are ill then yes you would have to sit out the qualifying days. If they pay occupational sick pay then you need to find out in what circumstances. I’m afraid I don’t know if diabetes is classed as a disability or not (you would know better than me I’m sure). I’m afraid I’m not aware of this statutory code of practice in detail , however reasonable adjustments are normally suggestions for companies to make if they are able to/if this is practical. The one thing your company could have done, in terms of reasonable adjustments, is consider if they had any other jobs that you could do that did not involve driving, as a way round this (obviously I don’t know what you do etc). Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Jessica

    Hi I’m not too sure if you can help but I’m 6 months pregnant and suffering with really bad back pain due to working at a computer all day my doctor has already said he could sign me off for this but I don’t really want to have to do this but if he was to put me on reduced hours would I get full pay or statutory sick pay?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Jessica, thanks for your message. I’m afraid I can’t help with this as the answer is going to depend on what your Company offers in these circumstances. You need to check your employment contract/Staff Handbook if you have one. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Nathan Watson

    hi there iv been on the sick for 16 weeks and just received a letter from my employer saying that my pay is gonna decrease by 1/2. this starts as of next week but I don’t know how I’m going to cope? what extra help can I get because when my wage drops il be lucky to pay the basic bills

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Nathan, I’m afraid I can’t help you with this question, you are best to talk to the JobCentre or Citizens Advice. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

      • Nathan Watson

        that ain’t a good sign 🙁 can I look for another job whilst on sick from my current employer as there the reason I’m on the sick

        • lesleyfurber

          Hi Nathan, yes you can look for a new job, but you shouldn’t work for anyone else while you are on sick leave. Good luck. Lesley

  • emma

    could i hand in my notice when on the sick would i get the hoilday pay what they owe me

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Emma, you would be entitled to holiday until the last day of your employment. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Peter

    I am a full-time student and work part-time…I am off sick and will be for a month…my employer said that I do not have any sick pay leeft…Can a student seek SSP from Job-centre ( SSP1)?

    • lesleyfurber

      hi Peter, thanks for your message. If your SSP entitlement is exhausted (but this is 28 weeks) then you may be able to claim Employment and Support Allowance from the Job Centre. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Jaison

    I am a full-time student and work part-time, I have been off sick for 4 weeks and have a sick note from the doctor for the 4 weeks am i entitled to SSP?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Jaison, yes if you meet the ‘qualifying’ conditions to meet SSP (as described above) then yes you should. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • sharon

    I had accident at work I have damaged the nerves in my fingers and I am on sick leave now I want to know about my wages from my firm.

    • lesleyfurber

      hi Sharon, thanks for your message. It’s going to depend entirely on what sick pay your company gives – whether they give just Statutory Sick Pay or whether they offer occupational sick pay on top. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Lisa Brown

    I have been off sick for the past 5 weeks and now I am off for another two weeks,my partner has been on the sick for over a year are we entitled to any benefits please

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your message. I’m afraid I can’t help you here as I have little knowledge of benefits, you need to visit your local JobCentre Plus. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • james elliott

    i have been signed of work with stress my sicknote ended and i have lapsed a week befor getting my second the company know my situation but have not paid me during the lapsed week am i entitled to ssp for that week ?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi James, thanks for your message. If you have not followed your Employers sickness ‘reporting’ requirements then yes you may forfeit both occupational sick pay and SSP. You need to check what their policy is. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • stephanie

    i have been off of work for 3.5 working days with chronic bronchitis, am i entitled to sick pay?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Stephanie, you won’t be entitled to SSP as you were not off sick long enough. You may be eligible for occupational sick pay if your employer offers this – you need to check their sick pay policy if they have one. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • hayley

    I have tried posting a message on here couple of days ago asking for advice but its not appeared ?

  • hayley

    I have been signed off sick by the doctor for the past month and a half with anxiety and depression.My employer has said she is not going to pay me any sick pay and is ignoring any way I am trying to contact her. I have only worked there for two months so far so still in my 3month probationary period. BUT Im really worried as I havnt signed a contract or even seen one. I dont get wage slips yet have proof by my bank statements. I have never been paid in full and never on time. Im still owed money from the time i did work last month also. My partner wants me to hand my notice in with immediate effect but Im wanting to get what im owed first. My well being practitioner has said he doesnt think its right for me to go back yet if at all as this seems to be playing part of why im feeling like I do.

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Hayley, thanks for your message and sorry to hear about your situation. Your Employer is breaking the law on several fronts – if you are an employee you should receive pay slips and have a contract after 2 months and be paid for the work you have done. You should receive SSP for the time you are off sick, presuming you are not entitled to receive occupational sick pay which I doubt your employer offers (if you meet the qualifying conditions above) and your employer needs to organise this. I wouldn’t hand in your notice as it’s probably likely that your employment will end at the end of the 3 month probationary period anyway and you wont’ be made permanent (obviously I don’t know that but from what you’ve described that seems likely). The only thing you can do is keep trying to communicate with your employer about the pay and SSP you are owed. If your employment ends and you still have not received what you are owed you would be entitled to make a claim for an ‘unauthorised’ deduction of wages for the pay you have not received. Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

      • hayley

        Thanks for your reply Lesley. I have had NO luck in receiving ANY pay from the employer. She has actually just replied to my messages saying she doesn’t owe me anything and its noted in my contract. BuT I have NOT personally seen this contract?? She still has all my sick notes AND some personal belongings of mine (qualification certificates etc.) Can you offer me any further help and information on where I stand and how to take it further?
        Look forward to hearing back from you.
        Many Thanks,

  • toni

    Hi I have been signed off for 3 and a half months with suspected epilepsy but I have just been informed I dont have it but my employer said I can’t come back to work until I am on medication. Will I have to pay back the ssp as I don’t have what I was signed off for?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Toni, thanks for your message. No you won’t have to pay back the SSP as you were signed off for what your GP believed was a genuine illness. Your GP needs to inform your Employer that you do not have this condition and therefore do not need medication for it (if that is the case). Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • gary collins

    Im currently working via an agency and have been with the same company for 16 weeks. The job I am on has cased my hand whichbi broke a year ago to become aggravated and as a result cannot use my hand which means I cant do my job. Will a sick note cover me if I go to the dr? Thanks

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Gary, thanks for your message. It depends what you mean by ‘cover’ you? A sick note you give to your employer so they can pay you any sick pay you are due, but if you mean will you keep your job via the agency, that will depend on the company you are working for and their general attitude towards sickness/if they need to replace you etc etc. Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • vicki piercy

    My husband has leukemia, and has been receiving statutory sick pay. We recently found out that his
    chemotherapy has not worked as well as hoped and he needs a transplant. I have been distracted
    and forgot to renew his sick note. Yesterday I got a really unpleasant text from his employer saying that his last sick note ran out on November 1st 2013 and as a result they cannot pay him. Today his doctor gave me a new (backdated) sick note that covers him for the period mentioned. Can his employer withhold this money
    or is he legally obliged to pay it? If he withholds it what can i do?

    • lesleyfurber

      HI Vicki, thanks for your message and sorry to hear about your circumstances. I don’t believe his Employer is correct to say they cannot pay him SSP without an uptodate sick note – see this page here https://www.gov.uk/employers-sick-pay/notice-and-fit-notes (they could withhold any occupational sick pay he was entitled to if he didn’t follow the ‘reporting’ requirements). Are you able to talk to the Employer/send in the backdated sick note? If the Employer won’t pay then you can call the HMRC (there is a link in the article above to find your local office) who may be able to help you sort this out. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Margaret

    Hi Vicki
    I have been off work for five months at this point in time and am likely to be off work for several more months. I have just received SSP1 from my employer stating that I will no longer be entitled to SSP after the 28 week period.
    My contract of employment includes an occupational sick scheme six months full pay followed by sick months half pay given my length of service to date. Given receipt of the SSP will I still be entitled to receive the half pay to which I am entitled under the terms of my contract of employment ?
    The form was accompanied by a printout stating that I may be able to claim Employment and Support Allowance. Can you please clarify if possible where I stand.

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Margaret, SSP is paid alongside occupational pay (if your employer offers this). So they are just notifying that your entitlement to SSP is ending. If you have been receiving occupational sick pay then you should carry on receiving this (if you meet their scheme’s requirements). You need to check with your employer what you will continue to receive. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Steven

    Hi I’ve been off sick since 22nd October last year after having a work accident, I’ve just had an operation on my back and will be off for another 3 months. I still have 7 days holiday to take however the new holiday year starts on 1st April, am I legally entitled to either be paid for these holidays or have them carried forward to the next holiday year? Thanks.

    • lesleyfurber

      hi Steven, thanks for your message. You can ask to ‘take’ these holidays now during your sick leave (so in effect you get paid for them, which is good if you are on less pay than normal or only receiving SSP). You can carry over holiday accrued during sickness entitlement, but this is usually limited to the original 20 days (which usually includes bank holidays) of the Working Time Regulations. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Nell Smyth

    I really need some advice! I was signed off sick on Wed 26th March for 3 weeks – am I due to start back work on Thurs 17th April? 1st Fit Note so really unclear how it all works – thanks!

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Nell, thanks for your message. I’m not sure what you want to know? You should have sent your sick note to your employer. If your employer has a ‘sickness absence’ policy then you should read that; if they don’t you need to ask them any questions you have. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Dan P

    Hi, I hurt my foot and haven’t been able to put any pressure on it for the last 4 days (including tomorrow) I have been off of work and contacted them, they have asked for a sick note as when I will be going back I will have been gone more than 7 days (Including upcoming bank holidays and weekends). I will most likely be be back at work on the upcoming tuesday 22nd april.
    Should I have got a sick note from the doctor prior to this? Or am I perfectly okay to just go tell my doctor what has happened and they will give me one?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Dan, yes you can get a sick note from the doctor now – he/she may backdate it to the start date, that is ok. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • lynn

    my husband was signed of sick for 3 weeks with depression and the doctor has given him a ‘fit note’ saying he can work altered hours untill he feels confident working full time again. but his employer has now said they are changing his contract to 20 hours if he doesnt come back full time by the 25/4 and there is a possability they wont be putting him back on to his 40 hour contract. is this legal and where would we stand?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Lynn, thanks for your message. The Employer does not have to do what the GP advises, although they should if they can. So is 20 hours not what was advised by the GP? The employer shouldn’t be changing his hours permanently though, without his agreement. Otherwise they are changing his terms and conditions – they can do this but they need to do this properly, more details are here – http://www.freelanceadvisor.co.uk/go-freelance-guide/written-statements-and-contracts/
      Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • shirley

    hi, im due to have a replacement hip operation. I work 24 hours a week,will I be able to claim ssp as the company I work for don’t have their own sick pay scheme. thanks

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Shirley, thanks for your message. Yes you will be able to claim SSP (as long as you earn over £111 per week). Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Shailu Murthy

    Hi , I have been employed for 3 years and am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I had taken several days off in the beginning as I was extremely sick and preganancy was not known then. I have asked my HR to pay me SSP which they have agreed. I work in a small company with 10-12 employees and we do not have a sickness policy in place. However one of my colleagues was sick with chicken pox for a week and he got paid in full over and above his holidays. When I asked the HR about this they told me “Payment over and above SSP is discretionary and is assessed on case by case basis.”. Please could you explain what it means , as I think its unfair that one get paid and others don’t when there is no sickness policy for this company.

    • lesleyfurber

      HI Shailu, thanks for your message. It can be normal for companies to adopt this position (pay above SSP on a discretionary basis) and it’s not necessarily wrong – but it has to be applied fairly and consistently. Can you ask them what criteria they are using? – they need to be careful as they may be inadvertently discriminating against you because of your pregnancy. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

      • Shailu Murthy

        Hi Lesley, Thank you very much for your reply. I have been repeatedly
        asking my HR about this and they have been ignoring me. Hopefully I will
        get back to you when I hear from them. thanks for you help.

      • Shailu Murthy

        Hi Lesley,

        Could you please let me know if the below is legally right ?

        Company sickness policy:
        The Company does have a sickness policy in place, but it is a non-occupational scheme. This means that the Company policy is to only pay Statutory Sick Pay, unless it is agreed by
        senior management that an employee should be paid in full at their usual day
        rate for any sickness absence. This is however, disrectionary and is
        managements decision, but the company reserves the right to pay sickness
        absence if they feel it is appropriate. This is a company wide policy. During
        pregnancy the sickness policy does not change, but during pregancy any
        ante-natal appointments, not sickness, will be paid.

        • lesleyfurber

          Hi Shailu, sorry I haven’t replied earlier; I tried on Friday but I couldn’t get into this page. I’m afraid I don’t understand the last sentence at all! Is that exactly what it says? As the way it is worded appears they won’t pay sickness at all, which is wrong. Regards, Lesley, Workline

          • Shailu Murthy

            Hi Lesley , Thanks for your reply. Ive been talking to my HR but its not been helpful. You asked me to check with them on what criteria they paid the employee and I asked HR the same question. she has replied me the below ;

            I do feel I have explained the Company policy on sick pay several times, but appreciate that you want to understand the policy. I can not comment on another person as this is confidential. I will reiterate again that any payments for sickness that are on full pay are done so, after a decision by management. As management, it is their decision. There is no criteria, it is their decision. To clarify, the management decision is not to pay any additional sick pay over and above SSP. If you are sick prior to going on maternity, each case will be assessed separately.
            The handbook covers sickness on pages 25 – 34.

            The company handbook does not state any policy but only SSP. My only worry is HR might say that chicken pox is contagious so can be paid. But isn’t cold and flu also contagious ? I have no idea how to move forward. Ive lost close to 800 pounds due to sickness in initial pregnancy stages , which ofcourse I found out later that I was pregnant. Please could you help me how to move forward. If I can have your email id, I can forward all my conversation with HR so you can advise if they are correct. The HR girls are too young and they act on behalf on the same management of my company. I cannot blame them but I need to sort this out. Please help me understand if I can fight this, not legally but atleast with my management.

          • lesleyfurber

            Hi Shailu, my e-mail address is workline@freelanceadvisor.co.uk – but please note the free advice I give on here, and by e-mail, is time limited, due to the volume of queries I get. With regards, Lesley

          • Shailu Murthy

            Hi Lesley, I have just posted something yesterday to you and I have something more. The HR kept saying there is no sick pay. I couldn’t find my employement contract until yesterday , until I finally found it and looked at it. It does have a company sick pay and it says this;
            If you are absent from work owing to sickness or injury, which is not a result of misconduct or work with another organisation,you will be eligible to receive 4 week’s Company Sick Pay after three months of service.Thereafter your entitlement to Company Sick pay is dependent upon your length of service as set out below (table form).

            Length of continuous at start of holiday year Maximum Duration of payment
            Three to four years’ service Four Weeks
            Over Four Years Three Months

            The Company may improve these provisions in individual cases if it considers
            circumstances warrant. Any improvement is at company’s discretion.

            Any absence that have qualified for Company Sick pay, in twelve months, up-to your current absence are deducted from the ‘maximum payment’ for your length of service.The amount of Company Sick pay that will be received will be the difference between your Statutory Sick Pay and your current basic salary.
            Company Sick pay will not be paid for any day of annual holiday, or bank or public holiday , for which you are paid holiday pay.

  • Deborah Coggins

    Hi I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and have just returned to work after 2 weeks sick leave due to sickness and dizziness. I am still feeling unwell and the midwife has advised another 2 weeks to be signed off. However I would prefer to just reduce my hours – partly because I don’t want to sit on my bum for another 2 weeks but also from a financial stand point. I am getting close to my maximum paid sick leave and will soon be on SSP. This will significantly impact my maternity pay as I am in the calculation period for my first 6 weeks maternity pay.

    If the doctor agrees for me to work part time hours (which I feel ok to do) how does this work re pay and sick leave? Does it count as sick leave? Would I be paid for reduced hours or full pay. Any advice would be much appreciated.


    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Deborah, thanks for your message. Your Employer would also have to agree that you work part-time hours and this would be seen as work and not sick-leave and you would paid for the reduced hours you actually work. Hope that helps. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • justin smith

    hi i am due to have an operation which means i will be off work for 3 to 4 months and will only be paid for 3 weeks i know i can claim ssp but can i claim any other forms of benefits to help while i am off

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Justin, you need to ask your local JobCentre plus if there are any other benefits you can claim. Good luck with your operation. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Chell

    I’m off work sick at present I wasn’t paid on time as my employers have lost my sick line from gp what should I do.

    • lesleyfurber

      hi Chell, you need to ask your Employer if you need to get another sick note for them to pay you what you are due. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • valerie scott

    Hi ive been signed off work with stress and took my note in today. Whilst there I was cornered by the manager and asked why I was stressed, I told her and she wasn’t happy with my response. I said that I thought I should look for another job and she said she will not pay my sick pay, can she do this?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Valerie, thanks for your message. They must pay your SSP entitlement while you are still employed by them, she cannot refuse to do this if you are eligible for it. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Leanne cole

    Leanne cole

    My partner has been off work long term following his cancer treatment.
    He borrowed £400 from his employers son (son runs the business day to day) when he went off sick so we had some spare cash. This was to be paid back on return to work, weekly!
    His employer (the Dad) has now stopped his last 5 weeks SSP payments to pay back the loan, this was not agreed by my partner and no written consent was given.
    Is it legal for his employer to do this?

  • jenny

    my contract has ended while I am claiming ssp dose my employer still pay me ssp . if not what do I do next .

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Jenny, I’m pretty sure your Employer would not need to still pay you SSP, but you need to go to a Job-Centre Plus to check. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Susan

    Hi I’m just wondering if I could get some advice. My situation is complicated as I have been off work since 28/04/14 with pregnancy related illness and in reciept of ssp. Each month my employer has deducted unpaid sick leave from my pay which for 2 months just left me with ssp which is fine now in july pay I was expecting the 2 weeks holiday pay and 2 weeks maternity pay which was due to start.
    Employer has again deducted a full month unpaid sick leave from me for June?leaving me with £46.40 this month.
    They have stated they have policy’s in place to allow them to do this to me.
    Me and my children are now in a desperate situation as I have no money for bills or food?
    Can they do this to me?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Susan, thanks for your message. You don’t say when your maternity leave was due to start, so I can’t help you with the dates. However, if you are off sick due to a pregnancy related illness from the 4th week before your ‘EWC’ then your maternity leave/pay should start automatically. You need to talk to your Employer. Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • Anastas Milchev

    Recently I had an operation and I`ve 2 months SSP.On 20th this month I`m going to renew it,as I definitely not going to be fit to work + I`m going abroad for 3 weeks to do part of my physio therapy.
    I work for a big company,and I asked my manager for couple of weeks of my holiday while I`m abroad and he told me I`m not authorized for that.He also told me that I`m “absent” on the system and can`t be on holiday during SSP(either one or the other)!
    Is this how should be,or there`s other way of getting bolt?

  • paul vincent

    I have been recieving ssp since 14th April.I very much doubt if i will be returning to work until next year.What are my rights concerning holidys as I am still due 4weeks.Our holidays are jan-jan

  • paul vincent

    what should i receive from my employer if I was dismissed for being on long term sick?I have been employed at the same place for 14years

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Paul, if you are dismissed then you would not receive anything (unless you were made redundant) except the holiday entitlement you have accrued (as below). Regards, Lesley, Workline

  • mat


    so I’m signed off work by the doctor with severe stress and anxiety. I’ve also handed in my notice as my illness is due to work place bullying and harassment from my manager. I’ve been offered a job with an asap start but I’m still in my notice period signed of sick because of stress caused by my first job. can i start the other job?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Mat, thanks for your message. You shouldn’t start the new job while you are still employed at your old place. As you’re not working there can you ask them to shorten your notice period? It could be the best solution for everyone. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • b12 Fighter

    I had an illness overlooked because a doctor did not read a blood
    test. I was self employed at the time and during the period the note
    was overlooked (10 months) he refused to sign me off as unfit for work.
    I later got another doctor to review the situation and he signed a backdated sicknote for the 10 month period in question.
    I was told by the authorities that I could not claim back benefits as a sicknote has to be presented at the time.
    However should I have been entitled to have my national insurance contributions credited for that period?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi B12, it would be best to call the HMRC and talk to them about this, as they should be able to give you the answer. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

      • b12 Fighter

        Actually I’ve done that. I did get a firm response. It was the reason I posted here.

  • Jean

    HI, my daughter is a full-time student and works part-time. In June she had an accident at work and was off for a week but went back too early as she could not afford not to work. As a result of going back too early her injury has got worse and she has now been off work for a month – covered by a sick note. Her employer has written to her and told her that they cannot pay SSP as she did not earn enough leading up to her sick leave. I’ve never heard of this as a reason for not paying sick pay? Anyway my question is: can she claim SSP from Job Centre Plus while she is a student? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Jean, thanks for your message. She would need to earn an average of
      £111, gross, per week (from 6th April 2014), calculated over the 8 weeks
      ending with the last pay day before the sickness began, to be eligible for SSP. She may be able to claim Employment and Support allowance from the Job Centre so she needs to ask them; I don’t know the answer I’m afraid. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Philip

    One of our employees has been off sick long term. His existing fit note expires on the 19th December when our company closes down for 2 weeks over Christmas and all our employees have 2 weeks holiday. Should he get another sick note to run from the 20th December or should the next fit note run from Monday 5th January when the company re-opens.

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Philip, thanks for your message. I would ask for a fit note to cover the whole period you are shut down. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • AJP

    Hi, what shall I do with my holidays? I got 34 days and I haven’t taken any this year as I’m on long term sick. Shall i take all of them before 1st April 2015 or Can I rollover them for the next finacnial year?

    • lesleyfurber

      hi AJP, thanks for your message. If you have been off sick you should be able to carry over your statutory ‘minimum’ leave (20 days) into the new financial year; whether you can carry over the contractual holiday you have on top of that is going to depend on what your employer’s policy on carrying over leave is. More details are here http://www.crunch.co.uk/news/2012/08/21/holiday-entitlement-and-sick-leave-some-clarity-in-2012/
      Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Jan


  • Jan

    I have been off work on ssp for ten weeks.i get 409 – a month.i have been to my bank and I have only been paid 192??? My sick note doesn’t run out til march.I have messages my boss but no reply.is it something to do with Xmas.even taking Xmas day and New Year’s Day off it should still be 350. Why has this happened xx

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Jan, you need to speak to your Employer about this, as obviously I don’t know what has happened and why. Do you have a payroll deparment or HR you could talk to? Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Grant

    Ive broke my foot over christmas and gonna b off a minimum of 6 weeks what am I entitled to ?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Grant, you will be entitled to SSP after the first 3 days; or contractual sick pay if your Employer offers more. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Andrew Douglas

    I have been with my employer for the past 10 years in May of 2014 I blacked out and dislocated my knee I was of work for about 3 months . I then went back and about 3 weeks later I blacked out again this time i scuffed my face and had a few lumps and bumps . At the time I did not want my family to know so I told no one did not want to worry anyone just thought I will be ok it will not happen again . Until about 3 weeks after that I blacked out again this time I could hide it no longer as I had to get 29 stitches to my face and round my eye I also shattered my nose . I was told by doctor that I could no longer drive and work as I could blackout at anytime I could kill myself or someone else I now have been on the sick for the maximum amount of time my employer pays me ssp he has left me a form I have to fill in and leave in to the job centre . I will not be able to work for quite some time while this is investigated to see why I am passing out as I know have blacked out about 6 times since May. I am getting the middle grade DLA AND AM NOW wondering what way my SSP is going to work ( will I still get it , who pays me it ) this is a very worrying time for me as I am now 48 and have worked my whole life since I left school. To make things worse my employer is letting me go because of my illness I also would like to know when he sends me my p45 am I due any holiday pay at the time of him letting me go as I was on the sick in July when I would have had 2week payed holiday and was also on the sick at Christmas when I would have been off for another 2 weeks payed holiday . When I left my last job they gave my my final weeks pay as well as 2 weeks holiday pay . Am I entitled to 2 weeks holiday pay when he hands me my P45 . Thank you in advance for your help. Andrew.

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Andrew, when you’re employer stops paying you SSP you need to take the form they give you to the Job Centre to claim any benefits you are entitled to. You are due at least the statutory minimum holiday allowance (20 days per annum) for the period you were off ill (or your Employer may give you your contractual holiday allowance if this is higher). Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • sara evans

    Ive been off work since november with a flare up of crohns i work in a gp surgery im going to the toilet the back way the least 11 times a day mostly its more averaging 16 times im drained n body hurts the gp said i should not be at work because of me getin an infection and how often im going toilet. My work have now arranged a meeting about my job regarding my condition im worried because how often im going im going to lose my job. The meeting got cancelled by work if i had a sick note on 24/12/14 for 28 days when is it due to run out i work 5 days a week only 19 hrs?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Sara, thanks for your message. Your Employer has the right to meet with you about your condition and what this means to your job/employment. They should be sympathetic to your situation, but depending on their circumstances, there may come a point where they can no longer employ you. If they dismiss you they need to do this properly and fairly. If you can I would advise you to go to a meeting with them to see what they have to say; they will want to know how long you are going to be unable to work etc and see if there is anything they can do to help you return to work. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • stephen

    My wife is due to have a hip replacement in two weeks time. she is a nanny and her employer has been aware for 3 – 4 months now that she is needing a period of absence. today she received a letter saying that they are making her redundant as they now really need someone in a housekeeper role with reduced nannying duties. This letter also states that they will only pay her SSP during the period that she is signed off sick up to the date of termination of employment as her notice payment rather than full standard pay (2 month notice period), plus her statutory redundancy payment. First of all can they reduce her notice pay to SSP and also this stinks of constructive dismissal due to her having notified them of impending illness. where do we stand?

    • lesleyfurber

      Hi Stephen. As far as I’m aware they should pay her normal pay during her notice period (not SSP) – see this link from gov.uk, which you may want to point out to them – https://www.gov.uk/handing-in-your-notice-resigning-leaving-job
      I think you’re right, this does sound dodgy in terms of them not needing her now, when she’s going to be off sick for a while. If she has 2 years service then she could take a constructive dismissal or unfair dismissal claim to an Employment Tribunal (have they followed a proper redundancy procedure?) – it might be worth starting that process as there now needs to be a process of ‘conciliation’ through Acas before any claim is submitted, and that may work in her favour. More details are here – http://www.crunch.co.uk/small-business-advice/2011/04/26/employment-tribunals-your-rights/
      Good luck with this. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Julie

    I have been working for a company for 18 years. 10 years ago I was off with work related stress. I haven’t had a day off since but in June of this year our contracts were changed (verbally nothing written), I am a teacher and am expected to teach 2 days now and 3 days as a management role, I was struggling with the 1 day and voiced my concern, I was told to like it or lump it. It used to be 1 day teaching. In addition to that I was given 5 subjects that I knew nothing about, no resources, no support. The behaviour of the groups are like taming lions. I am known as excellent. Theres loads more but It has killed me and on in Dec I had a complete meltdown and walked out of work. Now I am heavily medicated and can’t go out of the house, the work related stress has come out of me physically. In addition to all this I have steriods in my back and they have had a letter from my consultant since February suggesting I have proper chair etc – almost a year on and nothing, I had my assessment 6 months after I chased and chased but still no chair.

    I am not the only one in the company, they are dropping like flies. Currently I have no confidence, working with a counsellor to try and learn some techniques and breaking down crying all the time. My workplace is harassing me and OH are involved. My doctors says I will be off for a long time. After 18 years with the same organisation I just can’t go back. Firstly because I am not well, secondly I have no confidence to teach any more and no desire to be put in the same predicament again and thirdly because I will just be waiting for them to do it to me again. Can’t go back, but the reason I am off is 100% what they have done to me. Not sure what to do know. Do I just walk away. Do I have a case? I know I can resign but if you could see what they have turned me into…..I am just a number that they have tossed away. OH doesn’t even want to know what happened. All she said was look forward to the future….how can I when they are the reason I am off and suffering big time 🙁

  • Dom Tait

    As i am not entitled to sick pay does my employer have the right to request a sick note, even though i do not get sick pay?

    • Hi Dom, yes they can specify they need a sick note. You should be entitled to SSP if you meet the qualifying conditions. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • alina

    I have been off for sick,due to pregnancy changes, for 6 days,my employer never handed me anything,even though in my contract says i should.ve complete a self certificate which he should.ve send it to me,a month later when i received my payslip without being informed or let know about a decision he deducted money,almost £200 from my wage,is he entitled to do that even without giving me a warning or anything?

    • Hi Alina, thanks for your message. If you don’t get occupational sick pay but only receive SSP then the first 3 days you would not receive anything; so that may be why you were paid less. But, you need to ask your Employer what the deduction was for; normally, any deductions due to SSP etc are ok for your Employer to make without letting you know beforehand. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Mike

    Hi ive been off after a operation ive now got a fit note off my doctor saying may be fit for work on light duties but my employer are waiting on reports off occu health, I had a email off HR last week saying ” no matter what my GP says I still won’t be able to return until occu health have got back to them” now my question is….. I’m fit and willing to go back to work is my employer obliged to pay me full pay while they are preventing me from returning to work? If so does any body have a link where I can find it in writing please?

    • Hi Mike, in circumstances like this it is common for an employer to seek advice from an occupational health specialist about whether you are fit to return to work or not (because your GP may not be familiar with the specifics of your job). Employers are not obliged to accept what a GP says so it is always best for them to take further advice to determine whether you are fit and able to return and they are unlikely to allow you to return to work until they have received this advice. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Tibor

    Hello, I got an injury at work *Achilles Tendon Rupture in may 23 2014 (unfortunately itts the same leg as I have had Achilles tendon rupture 18 years ago and ankle fracture 25 years ago-by this reason itts a long healing now).From
    my employer I was received SSP 28 weeks-no more-because he is stated as I am do not employed one full year).
    The I got a ESA from 12.12.2014 till 27.02.2015. My ESA was topped by ESA questionare medical test,that I am
    fit for fork. But really I do not fit for work) I limp,I have a palpable hole in Ach.tendon and absolutly bad and dangerous stability at this leg. I have on one line Sick notes from 02.05.2014 till july 02.2015 now.(!) I have a
    Medical Statement from the Occupational Health Specialist Doctor dated from 23.03.2015 as I am in risk in work,because reinjury risk ,because bad stability on leg – need a further terapy or achilles surgery reconstruction,I am a risk for self and others,that is against to the Risk Management Rules.Council has stopped my Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction because,because DWP informed them as my ESA was stopped.DWP repeatedly (re)considered by decission that I am further fit for work.But my true clinical health condition is contrary to this
    arguments from DWP.I do not get any money.

    My questions:

    1./ My employer should me pay only 28 weeks ?…(itts injury at work without my fault)
    2./ What can I do follow by above mentioned circumstancess please…?

    • Hi Tibor, thanks for your message. I’m afraid I can’t help you with anything that’s not employment related, so cannot help you with Council and Benefits or DWP. SSP is only available for 28 weeks so your Employer could not have paid you for longer and if they do not pay occupational sick pay then SSP is your only entitlement. You might want to consider finding a solicitor who can help you with a personal injury claim. More information is here https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/freelancer-advice/2014/04/30/accidents-happen-injuries-accidents-work/
      Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

      • Tibor

        Thank you very much,

        Subject: Re: Comment on Statutory sick pay, sickness and fit notes

  • Vicky Hughes

    Hi my employer is disputing whether I was sick or not despite having a fit note from the doctor saying I’m not fit for work for 8 days an without being told they have not paid me although they usually pay full sick pay can they do this without informing me that they will not be paying me?

    • Hi Vicky, they would need a very good reason not to pay you SSP as you are entitled to that if you have a certificate. However, an Employer can have different rules if they pay company/occupational sick pay, so you need to see what reasons their sick pay policy gives for not paying occupational pay. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Sheri Thompson

    I’m off sick with sciatica, muscle spasms in back and potentially rheumatoid arthritis. I’m not entitled to ssp because my earnings are under the lower limit so they’re sending me an ssp1 form to send off to ‘claim’. My question is claim what? And how much? And how long will it take? I’m currently 2 weeks into my time off and seriously panicking because I have £20 Left and 2 kids to feed and an electric and gas meter that’s about to run out.

    • Hi Sheri, that’s to make a claim from the Government for benefits – so you would need to take the form to a Job Centre Plus and ask them the questions. You could look for the answers on http://www.gov.uk
      Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Bob

    Hello Lesley, after a period off sick due to stress and anxiety it appears that my employer has asked a recruitment agent to look for my replacement at least a couple of days before I reviewed the final draft of the medical report and OK’d it to be sent to my employer. My employer confirmed by email they received the completed medical report one week after I reviewed and OK’d it.

    I’m basing that my employer has rather jumped the gun on the posted date stated on the job advertisement. Naturally the advert doesn’t state that it is my employer, but there appears to me there is more than enough information in the listing to suggest it relates to my employer. Naturally I can’t prove that it relates to my job as opposed to the same role, but it would suggest that it is a reasonable inference for this small company not needing / being able to employ another person in the same or similar role at the same time as there is officially material uncertainty that I am staying or not. The reason is that I have not started the process of negotiating with the employer about any possible changes they can make in relation to the last FIT note that states I am ‘fit for work with restrictions’.
    There is a chance that the surgery has let my employer see an earlier copy before I ok’d the changes (there were two separate letters produced – one the original – the second a supplement), and I will ask the surgery to look into this tomorrow. Either way, what implications are there when negotiating with the employer for what appears an inevitable exit?

    • Hi Bob, thanks for your message. I’m not sure I understand the context of the last sentence. If your Employer is going to end your employment then as long as they have followed fair procedures they could do this (i.e. look at what adjustements they can make for you to return to work) and this would be a dismissal. Is there a reason you think they might negotiate an exit, which I presume means you think they will negotiate a leaving payment? I can’t see that redundancy would be appropriate in these circumstances. Information about Settlement Agreements are here, if that is what you mean? https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/small-business-advice/2013/07/26/new-from-29th-july-2013-confidential-pre-termination-negotiations-and-settlement-agreements/
      Sorry if that hasn’t answered your question but I’m not entirely clear about what you want to know. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

      • Bob

        Sorry Lesley for not making things clear; I must admit I was a bit shook up when I wrote the above.

        To summarise my employer appears to have decided to get rid of me before they received the medical report and before they discussed what reasonable adjustments they may be able to make to allow a phased return as per the last FIT note. It doesn’t appear reasonable to make an informed decision without following the normal procedure or without all the facts. I would suggest that conduct pre-empts the outcome of following the appropriate procedure in light of a FIT note marked ‘back to work with restrictions’ and a stress assessment.

        I feel that their conduct has suggested an exit is inevitable. So by not following a reasonable way forward I hope that will put me in a stronger position in negotiating an exit – ie above all a robust reference (I work as an FCA regulated individual so it is mandatory for an employer to provide a reference as detailed in the FCA handbook here https://fshandbook.info/FS/html/FCA/SUP/10A/15 ) To me an implication of their conduct is that further discussions are now under a cloud of a breach of trust and I feel the next step for me is to consider issuing a grievance before or during the next ‘back to work’ interview.

        I hope this makes things clearer. Thank you for helping so many people. Bob.

        • Hi Bob, thanks for the further explanation, I understand your position. I think a grievance would be a good idea where you can explain your concerns about the vacancy they are advertising etc and how this appears to pre-empt an informed decision. See what happens to that, and then you could consider suggesting a Settlement Agreement to them at a later point. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

          • Bob

            Thanks Lesley. While this process goes on, should I be back on full pay? It’s been a month since they have received the medical report. Is ‘medical suspension’ applicable as the doctor is happy for me to go back to work on a phased return and I am happy to do that, but the employer still has concerns. It was suggested by a third party that I present myself to work, say that I am ready and willing to work, and if they prevent me from doing so to state put me back on full pay ie a medical suspension. Appears rather aggressive to me. Am holding back on the grievance for the moment as that is a formal and significant step, plus I am learning a little more about their position each time we communicate which appears useful, but not easy, so far. Thanks again, Bob.

          • Hi Bob, as far as I understand it, in law a ‘medical suspension’ is only available on health and safety regulation grounds – http://www.acas.org.uk/media/pdf/t/p/Pay_%28RAW%29_APRIL2009.pdf
            Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Louise

    I have received an employee sick note from 29th May for 3 weeks can you please confirm when this will expire and when he needs to get another one from the Doctors. I understand it to expire 18th June and a doctors note is required from 19th Juine 2015.

    • Hi Louise, thanks for your message. The end date should be on the GP’s fit note, if not you can assume a week means 7 days (including weekends). Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Joanne Edwards

    Hi, i recently had a close bereavement and had 2 wks bereavement leave followed by 2 wks sick (doctors note no self cert) as i wasn’t ready to return to work. Now a week later i’ve had to ring in sick with an on going vertigo problem my question is do i self cert or will i need another doctors note because its so close to my last sickness. Many thanks Jo

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for your message. You will need to ask your employer what they require in this situation. The periods may be ‘linked’ for SSP purposes but this doesn’t necesarily mean you will need a doctor’s note. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

      • Joanne Edwards

        Ok many thanks for your help

  • Jay Pointon

    Hi I have recently been off sick and was signed off by my doctor. During the period I have been signed off I believe to be fit for work and contacted my doctors surgery to be told they can only do this privately and to have a notice to state I am fit for work they would charge be £18 or wait until the sick note period ends. How come this is the case?

    • Hi Jay, I’ve no idea I’m afraid that must be your GP’s policy. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Shane Alexander Cresswell

    Hi was involved in a pretty serious car crash on a motorway in which I fratured vertibrae & had to have 3 months off work with a 4 week fit note on reduced hours & no heavy lifting from my 44 hour contract does this cover the hours I cannot work or will I only be paid for the hours that I actually work

    • Hi Shane, sorry to hear about your car crash. Generally, if you are working reduced hours then you would only be paid for the hours you work; but your Employer may have a different policy and you should check with them. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • paul and tanya clemson

    hello could you please tell me how many days we have to hand in a sick note many thanks

    • Hi, it’s going to depend what type of sick note, whether self-certificate or a Doctor’s fit-note and whether you are getting just SSP or Occupational Sick Pay. Employers usually set their own timescales for both, but SSP can’t be withheld if you are late submititng the certificate or fit-note. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • paul and tanya clemson


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  • Gib76

    Hi I’m due to go for an operation next week and have been told I will receive a note to say I can’t work for two weeks following it. It won’t say what I had done. Do I have to say what it was and can I get in to trouble being off without them knowing why. I’m having the op in my annual leave week.

    • Hi Gib, thanks for your message. I think you need to tell your Employer about it, it will depend on their sick policies, but you should tell someone senior that you are going in hospital, and they should keep this confidential. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • holly

    Hi there, I’m due an operation and have been told I can take time after it as sick leave. Am I able to take the operation date as sick leave as well or should I take this date as annual leave?
    Also, how is sick leave accrued, or is this different with every company? I have working at the company for around 4-5months?

    • Hi Holly, thanks for your message. You need to read your companies sickness policy to see what it says – some companies only offer statutory sick pay (SSP), others pay normal salary, each company is different. Normally you would take time off sick as sick leave. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Rachel Turnbull

    Hi, I’m currently on the sick from work and have been since April. The company paid me full pay for the first month and half pay for the second month along side ssp. Am I entitled to ssp from the first day my sickness started or does that start after the company sick pay stopped? I’ve never been off sick for this length of time so I have absolutely no idea how it all works.

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for your message. SSP will have actually be paid ‘within’ your normal pay, it’s not a seperate amount. It’s paid from the 4th day of sickness and continues for 28 weeks. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • aritoma

    Hello, last month I was pregnant and had a rather horrible miscarriage, and after that the doctor told me to stay at home for 8 days at least and gave me a sick note. I went to work on the thursday, had to leave as I started to feel really unwell and then miscarried that afternoon, then I went to the doctor the following day, and had a sick note starting from that friday and for all the following week. Now the problem is, the company hasn’t paid me a penny for my sickness. And as I have enquired about it, I was told I am not entitled to any pay at all as I haven’t worked for the company for a year yet. Is it actually legal?

    • Hi Aritoma, sorry to hear about your situation. Everyone is entitled to SSP, as long as you earn over £112 per week (there are a couple of more exclusions which are listed above); and you should receive it from the fourth day of sickness. You don’t need to have worked there for a minimum period of time before being eligible for SSP. You need to speak to your Employer – if they won’t pay you can contact the HMRC and the details are above. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Csilla Oros

    Hello. I had an accident at work and I was off sick for 8 weeks. I asked my gp to let me come back to work because my company did not pay me. I just got a ssp, and nothing else. Is this correct? If I torn my ligaments at work, during work that was my fault and I have to live in a financial bankruptcy?

    • Hi Csilla, it’s up to your Employer whether they pay more than SSP and many employers don’t. If the accident at work was your Employers fault (because of poor health and safety for example) then you may be able to claim compensation from them. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Casper Kacper

    Hello. I’m on a 8hr contract but work more than that (500/600£ p/m). Because of cycling accident I’v been out of work for 3 weeks. My company said it will pay me only for 8hrs for every one of those 3 weeks. Is that right?

    • Hi Casper, if your company are paying you occupational sick pay then it is up to them what they pay you, but they should do this based on you normal ‘average’ pay I would think; but you would need to see what their sick pay policy says. If you don’t get occupational sick pay then you should get SSP. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Vivienne Fletcher

    Hi I have been off work for a year with Arthritis I havn’t paid enough national insurance to qualify for ESA I get DLA and have been sending in my sick notes regularly will I ever qualify for ESA?

    • Hi Vivienne, thanks for your message. I’m afraid I can’t help you about ESA, you need to speak to your local job centre plus. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Annamária Szakacs

    I need to help to fill in SSP, because I can’t decide what is the correct dates.
    My illness started 1st September and I went to the GP.
    She gave me fit note from 8 September to 15 September.
    I work according monthly rota and I was off 1,2 and 3 September, my first
    day on was 4th September.
    What date is correct, 1st or 4th September as sickness begin?
    The other question, what date is correct as last work before sickness begin if
    I was on paid holiday till 30th August but the actual last working day was before
    my holiday. I don’t know the paid holidays day is working day?
    So what date is correct, 30th August or the last day what was on?


    • Hi Annamaria, your first day of sickness is the 1st September and your last day the last day you were actually sick. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

    • Annamária Szakacs

      Thanks for your response. Can you help me decide what date should be entered as last work before your sickness began? I have wrote I was on paid holiday till 30th August and my actual last working day was before my holiday. So I don’t know what date is correct. My last holidays’s day or my last actual working day? Thanks

  • Annamária Szakacs

    Dear Lesley,
    Thanks for your response.
    Can you help me decide what date should be entered as last work before your sickness began?
    I have wrote I was on paid holiday till 30th August and my actual last working day was before my holiday.
    So I don’t know what date is correct. My last holidays’s day or my last actual working day?

    • Hi, I would think it should be 31st August, as that would be a normal working day even though you weren’t rota’d. Lesley

  • Annamária Szakacs

    Thank you

  • ben

    Hello I work on a 8 hour contract and have had food poisoning for two weeks . My supervisor has said she needs to see a sick certificate but I don’t get sick pay or anything like that because I am not contracted for 3 days a week or more is it still required to produce a sick notice

    • Hi Ben, yes your Employer can require a sick certificate/note, this is usually written in their sickness policy. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Contra-Mestre Anjo

    Hi, I’m full employed with 37.5 contract per week
    I’ve been with my company for about 7 years now

    I’ll be going for a knee surgery soon as I got ACL and I have to be off work for a min of 7 weeks

    Do I qualify for any sick pay?
    Please help, I just want to know my rights before I talk to my boss


    • Hi Leandro, you’re entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (as detailed above). You need to find out if you company offers Occupational Sick Pay too (at a higher amount). Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Georgia Scrimgeour

    I still haven’t received my sick pay after 15 days of claming, they’ve said I’m qualified but I have not received it.
    Thanks, Georgia

  • Georgia Scrimgeour

    Can you help with when I’m going to receive my sick pay please?

  • Lucy

    Can my employer ask me to work time off for sickness back? I work part time and they want me to work an extra day each week until I’ve worked the time back.

    • Hi Lucy, no they shouldn’t do this. You were sick, so should receive sick pay for that day. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Lauren

    I’ve been off work since Monday with tonsillitis, I’m due back this Monday coming up, but my employer said I’m not entitled to sick pay as I haven’t been with the company for 3+ months. I have heard that the job centre would pay me sick pay, but it depends how much I earn. Is that correct?

    • Hi Lauren, you are entitled to SSP if you meet the qualifying conditions (see above) and your company should pay you this; you may not be entitled to any occupational sick pay but you should be due 2 days SSP for this week off sick. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Dominic Blake leymer

    Can anyone help? I have bad damage to my forearm resulting in almost complete loss of grip from useing a grinder at work this was back in June I kept giving in fit it’s up until end of October and gave up as I was not getting any sick pay I had informed them of my hospital appointments in Nov and Dec. And just as the new year started I receive a letter saying they have sacked me can they do this and can I claim?

    • Hi Dominic, if you have not been receiving SSP then you can make a complaint to the HMRC’s employees’ enquiry line Telephone: 0300 200 3500. You may also have a claim for unfair dismissal if you have worked there over 2 years – so you should phone Acas with a view to making a claim. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Rita Bishop

    Hi, can anyone advise please. I have been off work sick, they do not pay sickness only statutory sick pay however, as I am over the retirement age and receive a state pension they have not paid me SSP – is this correct or should they pay me SSP?

    • Hi Rita, I don’t think this is correct; certain state benefits will stop you being eligible for SSP but I don’t think a pension is included – you can contact the HMRC through this link here to check https://www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay/how-to-claim
      Your other question – they can pay you holiday pay if you have requested this (say you were on long-term sick leave, you may do that), but it’s not a normal thing to do. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

      • rita Bishop

        Thanks Lesley

  • Rita Bishop

    Hi, another bit for help on please. While off sick – on a fit note from the GP – they paid me holiday pay- is this correct, can they use outstanding holiday to cover sickness covered by a GP fit note?

  • Sarah Rotherham

    Hey I am currently pregnant and had to take just over 2 weeks off work sick, due to health issues and gave work a sick note that ssaid I was unfit to work, work haven’t said whether I’m entitled to sick pay or not and I haven’t been paid should I be entitled to pay or not cause I had no choice to stay at work and midwife got my note quick

  • Carl

    Hi please can you give me some advice ? We have just recently been told they there are going to be several redundancies at work , and that they are stopping company sick pay with immediate effect ! Can they just stop a company sick pay scheme without any notice ? I have been told off a friend that they have too give you 12 weeks .

    • Hi Carl, your Company has an option to pay company sick pay, but they must pay SSP if you meet the qualifying conditions. But if they do pay company sick pay, and you have a contractual right to this, then the only way they can stop paying is to change your terms and conditions, but you need to read the company sick pay policy to see what it says and if there is an option to stop or suspend it at any time. More details about changing your terms and conditions are here –

      Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Becca2672

    Can anyone please help me. I’ve been off work for about 6 months due to anxiety and depression caused by work. I feel like I’m not getting any better because I constantly worry about my workplace. It keeps me awake most nights and I struggle to eat due to the stress and worry. Can I quit my job and still claim my esa? I think I would get better if I’m not worrying about that place. I’ve been there 5 years and used to love my job. It got taken over about 2 years ago and they have no idea how to help or communicate with there staff. Please can anyone help me.

    • Hi Becca, thanks for your message. You need to ask the JobCentre this question about ESA as they will know. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • julieh4

    My husband damaged his knee at work 4 months ago and was unable to work. He is awaiting an operation for a torn cartilage, His employer has been paying him ssp and my husband was sending in certificates every month until he was 65 at the beginning of this month. The employer has been paying my husband ssp since he became 65 but my husband has not sent him any certificates, should he be sending in certificates even though he has not worked after becoming 65?

    • Hi Julie, paying SSP and sending in certificates is irrespective of age; so he should follow his employer’s procedure which I’m is that they need certificates; can he ask them? Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Tracie Driscoll

    I’ve just had surgery on my arm and off work for 2 weeks taken as annual leave, but im suppose to have 2 months off but can’t afford to, can i get any help financially? I’m due to have more surgery done on my other arm and also need to be off for 2 months.

    • Hi Tracie, your employer should pay you SSP while you are off sick. If they do not you can call the HMRCl, details are here https://www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay/how-to-claim
      Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

      • Tracie Driscoll

        Thankyou Leslie, ive spoken to my employer and can get SSP but unfortunately it’s not enough, so unless i can get other help im going back to work on light duties even though doctor has advised against it.

  • Kelly

    Hi can you help me plz..last yr i was off sick for 5weeks and got a letter frm wrk tellin me that i had run out ov sick pay..im nw currently on sick for a week due 2 a viral infection but im worrid that im not goning to get payed for it..am i still entitaled to ssp at all

    • Hi Kelly, if you were only off for 5 weeks (with no longer sick pay period before) then you should not have run out of SSP entitlement as SSP is paid for 28 weeks. When you are off sick this is called a ‘Period of Incapacity for Work’ (PIW) and they can be linked and treated as one
      PIW if the gap between them is 8 weeks or less (56 days). If SSP ends you may be able to claim Incapacity Benefit/Employment and
      Support Allowance from your local Job Centre; your employer needs to
      give you an SSP1 form which they complete and you send to your local Job
      Centre. If your employer is not paying you SSP when you are due it then you can contact the HMRC here – https://www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay/how-to-claim
      Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Tracy Gordon

    Hi I’m a very small employer 4 part time staff. One of my employees have been off sick for 16 weeks now 8 of which it was her dad who was I’ll not here. I have had to close my salon 1 day and close early another day as I don’t have enough staff to cover the hours needed.
    I have had to pay her ssp plus pay someone else to cover her hours. I am a new bussiness and had to borrow the money to pay her. Today Iv had to let her go with 2 weeks notice as my business is going bust and may have to close with a loss of jobs. It is very sat such small businesses are finding it so difficult to carry on. Any help out there??

    • Hi Tracy thanks for your message. If her father was ill then you should not have paid her SSP for this time, she would not have been entitled to it and she should have taken holiday/unpaid leave. I’m afraid, as you probably know, the Government abolished the right to reclaim SSP so I’m afraid there is no financial help for you available for SSP issues. It might be worth getting in touch with any local business networks to see if there is any advice they can offer you. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • louise

    hi my husband had a hip replacement and he was given a sick note for 6 weeks dated from 21st feb.when will he need a new one and will he need to see doctor as he is still struggling to get around.

    • Hi Louise, he will need to go back to the GP before the original 6 weeks is up. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Martin C Henry

    Hello I’m off work as I need to have key hole surgery on my knee. Is there any help I can’t recieve as I will be off for another 3 months.I am receiving 70% pay.

    Also my company is saying they didn’t recieve my sick note on time and I will not be paid this month and I will recieve my money in next months payrole. They have received my sick note last Thursday and payday this payrole is this Thursday coming.

    Any help

    • Hi Martin, you need to talk to your local Job Centre to see if this is anything you can claim; and contact your HR or payroll department to see why there has been a delay. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • Jade

    Hi I’m currently off on the sick due to a very serious at work. I’m currently receiving SSP. I had a holiday booked before this happened and I’m due to go in two weeks time. My surgeon says I’m ok to go, but not fit to go back to work due to the nature of the accident and what my job entails. If I go on holiday and my employer knows, can he stop my sick pay?

  • sharleene

    i started my job 12th febuary
    wages where due on the 20th febuary for £73.70
    employer said my hmrc employment form wasnt sent in time and paid me cash and would show on my next wage slip
    wage due on 27th then showed that it was put as a advanced payment
    so iv only received 7 wages slips so far
    now fast forward to end of tax year and p60 says pay from employer is £760.45
    buy wage slip says
    total gross pay to date £834.15 which is what iv been paid altogether for the tax year
    total gross for tax £760.15 (whats on p60)

    now my question is iv been off sick and admitted to hospital and will be given a sick note for 2 weeks off work….
    form is asking how much iv earned in total before tax national insurance bonus

    so if i put whats on my p60 amount which isnt my actually total amount of pay all together and have 7 wages due to only receiving 7 wage slips… i will qualify

    if i put gross pay to date amount with isnt stated on my p60 and paid 8 weeks wages which it should have been but due to no wage slip first week not sure how thats is classed.. i will qualify

    but if i put p60 amount and 8 weeks which it should be i dont qualify which isnt even my fault

    so im not sure what to do because the first week wasnt my fault and i should have had a wage slip but didnt

    but also i dont know which amount the ssp form wants it says total pay so which is it…
    total gross pay to date or total pay for tax to date

    also i got ill on the monday 11th i informed work tuesday the 12th before my shift that evening and was admitted to hospital on the thursday 14th i will have hospital notes to cover me from the thursday but what do i do about the tuesday shift do i need proof for the tuesday n wednesday or do i do a self cert

  • Elaine

    Hi, please can someone help me, I have worked for a company for 8 years and work 4 on and 4 off 12 hr night shifts, 1 year ago I was diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis and have been in chronic pain and tiredness so was off sick for 6 weeks, my doctors put me on medication and I have returned to work on reduced hours with a fit note from the Doctors until I am fit enough to resume to my normal hours so I only work 6 hrs a night shift instead of 12 hrs. I am contracted to have 30 nights holiday a year for 12 hrs a night but my company are only paying me 6 hrs now while I am on reduced hours. Are they allowed to do this as I thought I would be entitled to my contracted holiday hours?

    • Hi Elaine, thanks for your message. Holiday entitlement is usually based on your working hours, so unfortunalley I don’t think your Company are doing anything wrong while you are on reduced hours. Good luck. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk

  • diana sakka

    The time off period that your doctor gives you to recover from surgery when does it actually start counting? Does it include the time that you were in hospital or does it start straight after the time that you were discharged from hospital? Can anyone assist with legal background?

    • hi Diana, you should ask your GP what they mean, but I would think it must start after surgery. Regards, Lesley, The HR Kiosk