• The-BossFirstly, have you spoken to a senior manager or your personnel/HR department (if you have one), or a Trade Union official (if you are a member of a Union) about this? You need to speak to someone first before you make an official accusation as they may be able to help with this.  Your employer has a legal duty to protect your health, safety and welfare while you’re at work, and they should be interested in making sure there is a good atmosphere at work.
  • You need to start making a diary of events if you haven’t done this already, documenting your boss’s behaviour that you are unhappy with, as this gives you a record to show other people.  Take a note also of the conversations you have with management in your organisation about this issue.
  • If you feel that management are not taking you seriously and an informal approach to resolve the problem has not worked you can put in a grievance claim (only employees can do this).  Your employer must give you access to a grievance procedure so you should be able to find out how to go about doing this and follow the instructions in their procedure.
  • If nothing is done or you do not find the outcome of any grievance satisfactory,  you may feel your only option is to leave and try to claim constructive dismissal, but you should get advice before you make this move, as it is sometimes difficult to prove.  Click here for more information on dismissals.
  • Also see our information on Equality and Discrimination here

There are several organisations that provide free advice about your rights and specifically about bullying:

TUC (Trades Union Council) – their website is www.tuc.org.uk/tuc/rights_main.cfm and they have free booklets and an advice line on 0870 600 4882.

Citizens Advice Bureau – their website is www.citizensadvice.org.uk.

Direct Gov – their website is www.direct.gov.uk.

Also the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line’s website is at www.bullying.co.uk

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  • John

    Dear sir/ ma,
    An altercation allegation has been made against me by another employees of a different company, this altercation was after when I have finished my work and has been signed off duty at work. On the day of the altercation I was a night shift overtime and I still have two more night shifts overtime.

    I return back to work for my overtime shift that has been confirmed, and only to be taking to the administrative building to be investigated without stating what the allegations are and without any prior notice that I am going to the admin to be investigated.

    On the 14th may 2015 the first investigation was based on

    “it has been alleged that you had an altercation with a traffic warden whilst parked on a double yellow line.”

    After I was interview by the investigator. She then said that she is left with no opinion that to cancel my overtime shifts at that point without pay. That she will only pay 4 hours that I have been in office. She said she has been advised by HR, but she refused to put it in writing. I then ask her if I have been place on suspension she said no.
    I then return back to work on my normal working shifts on to be handed in a suspension letter with pay and to attend a further investigation meeting.

    1. The suspension letter was signed by an operation manager that I have last seen 5 month ago.
    And the letter stated thus:

    Dated 16th May 2015

    ” Further to our discussions today I write to confirm that you have been placed on immediate precautionary suspension from duty with pay effective from today.”
    2. I was not at work on the said date on the letter

    The letter did not confirm to me who will be investigated me and who the note taker of the meeting will be.

    A further investigation took place on 18th May 2015 and was advised by the investigator that the suspension is still active till further notice.

    I received a call from my duty manager on 20th may 2015; requesting me to return back to work that the investigation has now been completed and if it will go to disciplinary hearing I will be told later.

    Here are my concerns:

    1. Is the investigator allow to cancel my overtime shifts without pay whilst carrying out a non work related allegation?

    2. I consider the letter addressed to me as bullying because it left me in bad faith of what is going to happen to my work; following the fact that my overtime shifts has been cancelled without pay during investigation.

    3. Is my employer not suppose to put in writing what the next stage will be and not just call me to return back to work by phone.

    Please help me out because I think my employer has been looking for a way to get rid of me. Following the fact that the altercation is outside my working time and it not work related. And this has been giving me a sleepless nights and am stressed out now.