If you are an employee your employer must provide you with access to a ‘stakeholder’ pension scheme within 3 months of starting your job if:

  • they employ 5 or more ‘eligible’ workers (i.e. permanent staff, part-time staff, workers) and
  • they do not operate another occupational scheme and/or a personal pension scheme that is open to all relevant employees

Under a stakeholder scheme your Employer does not have to make contributions to your scheme but it has to provide a facility whereby your contributions are deducted from your pay and passed over to the scheme.

From October 2012 the Government’s pension auto-enrollment scheme starts.   This means that it is not compulsory for Employers to provide a Stakeholder Pension from this date.

If your Employer does not offer a Stakeholder Pension and they should, you can complain to the Pensions Regulator and they may be fined (click here).

Under new 2008 regulations your Employer has a statutory requirement to consult with members of their pension scheme (and their representatives) before making major changes to future pension arrangements, if they employ 50 or more employees.

Stakeholders pensions are also available to individuals and often they are a good option for Freelancers – for more information click here –


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