You know what some of those dastardly big businesses can be like. Slow to pay. Or perhaps not paying you in full because they’ve subsequently moved the goalposts on a job specification.

Even worse: perhaps they haven’t parted with a single penny!

Well for those on the receiving end, you might want to check out a great new podcast which details how freelancers and contractors can ensure they don’t get “screwed over” when it comes to getting paid.

The podcast, featured on, sees Crunch online accounting MD Darren Fell offer his insight into how to handle the situation of client non-payment. Accompanying Darren are credit control experts Rob Warlow and Adam Home.

Rather than just give advice on how to deal with the aftermath of a client non-payment, it also gives practical advice on how to ensure that such a situation doesn’t arise in the first place.

You can access the podcast here.