Freelancers, contractors and small business owners are set to come under increased scrutiny according to tax protection specialists Abbey Tax.

In an article on industry news website Contractor UK, David Marples, the Group Manager of Abbey Tax claimed that the self-employed could expect HMRC to be more active in undertaking investigations.

“We expect the number of HMRC inquiries into small businesses to go on increasing over the coming months,” he said. “The inspectors we have spoken to have told us they are being tasked to bring in as much money as possible, as quickly as possible.”

Recently, we revealed how HMRC may take a more conciliatory approach to handling tax disputes in order to clear a backlog of pending court proceedings.

However, this is quite clearly reserved for cases which are particularly hard to resolve. In any instances where HMRC know they have a strong case for recouping money, it’s fair assume they will be as ruthless as ever.

You can read the original article here.