Forming your own limited company can be an exciting time as you stand on the precipice of bringing a brand new business into the world.

One of the most satisfying parts is coming up with a unique company name. Surprisingly, this is the last thing many people think about…

What makes a good name

This is very subjective and ultimately depends on your industry and customer or client base. However, there are certain objectives you should hope to achieve with a well chosen name.

1. Make it distinctive – ensure that there can be no possible confusion with any rival businesses.

2. Make it relevant – this isn’t a concrete rule as some small businesses like to go with a wacky name which isn’t necessarily relevant but does make them stand out. In some industries, however, it will pay to make the name more reflective of the work you do (eg. If you’re an independent health consultant).

3. Make it original – a truly original and attention grabbing name can really do the trick in some industries. Being relevant and original is great, but sometimes just being original is enough. There are no hard and fast rules so just use your own judgement.

What are the rules/restrictions

The naming of new companies in the UK is dealt with by Companies House and they lay down certain rules and restrictions.

Restrictions can apply if:

* The name is offensive

* The name suggests a link to Her Majesty’s Government, a governmental body or a certain public body

* It includes certain punctuation marks, or other characters which are not permitted

* The name is identical or very similar to another existing company

Dealing with Companies House

To register a business with Companies House you must have a registered office where your company can accept any documentation. This doesn’t need to be the address from which you run your business.

Crunch online accounting saves a lot of hassle by acting as your registered office so that we can deal with any paperwork from Companies House as and when it comes in. Naturally, we will keep you informed. The benefit to small business owners is that it saves them some needless hassle – you don’t have to pass documents onto us if we’ve already got them!

With us taking care of the technical stuff, you can get on with brainstorming your brilliant limited company name!