We hear a lot of people talking about time management and the art of using your time as effectively possible.

It’s a crucial skill for all small business owners, freelancers and contractors. That’s why it’s so great to hear a new two-part podcast which covers practically every aspect of it.

The podcast comes courtesy of Freelance Advisor and the first part delves into:

* The importance of planning your time

* The importance of setting goals

* How to delegate tasks

* How to prioritise tasks

* And why you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking breaks

Crunch founder Darren Fell also pops up at the end to share his own methods of optimising time and juggling a heavy workload.

Incidentally, one of the core principles upon which Darren founded Crunch online accounting was to help the freelance workforce relieve themselves of the hassle associated with accounting and free up more of their time to actually run their business.

Listen to the podcast here. Part two is coming soon.