So, the economy’s grown twice as much over the last quarter as had been expected. 0.8% to be precise. But, that’s not the only good news.

‘British business levels reach a three-year high’ enthuses the Metro after a new report revealed that the three months leading up to September saw business turnover at its highest level in almost three years.

The report was undertaken by Bibby Financial and whilst garnering positive headlines it revealed uncertainty about the economic climate.

The study involved 3,000 small and medium-sized businesses and it revealed an 11 percent increase in the money they’d been making compared with a year ago. Manufacturing was found to be performing particularly well.

However, in a separate survey of 300 firms, it was revealed that one in four believed the economy would not show real signs of recovery for at least three years.

The truth is, the picture will only become clearer when the Government cuts really start taking effect. Until then, the situation will remain uncertain, yet one thing’s for sure… the nation’s freelancers, contractors and small businesses will be better placed than most to adapt to the market in the event of a downward.

As PCG chairman, John Brazier, recently said: “Freelancer flexibility on tap must be beneficial to all concerned. It can help local and central government control costs while providing the best service possible.”