Freelancers and contractors spend a lot of time sitting at desks. The good thing is that if you work from home, you can choose the desk you work at and pity those who are stuck at a clients office making do with grotty, coffee stained desks laced with the residue of previous incumbents.

So, why not take advantage of your situation and get a truly awe-inspiring desk? Here’s a selection of six of the best on the market…

Rainbow Desk

The Rainbow Desk is described as “a three drawer writing Desk that celebrates the colorful diversity of British native hardwoods.” It’s a sturdy desk full of character and plenty of room to store items in its draws! It proves that desks needn’t be dull flat surfaces that say ‘work is boring and tiresome.’

Best for: The freelance writer who needs a desk to match the lovely uniqueness of their prose.

Cost: Top secret!

Hyper Desk

The idea behind the Hyper Desk is to protect the user from the electro-magnetic frequencies protected by computers and other electronic devices. Your cables and processors can be stored within the frame of the desk along with the monitor and keyboard.

Best for: The health conscious freelancer who regularly counts the number of bacterium lying atop their keyboard.

Cost: Too much to reveal!

Sense Desk

With a nice simple design, plenty of desk space, height adjustment and a wire compartment for your various bits of office stuff – this desk makes… sense.

Best for: The short freelancer who often finds their desk too tall. Despite the availability of height-adjustable chairs.

Cost: £278


Why have a big cumbersome desk if you work via a sleek Mac computer? The OneLessDesk is both ergonomic and space-saving, perfect for the small office. And it look pretty neat.

Best for: The super-smart freelancer who wants a desk to match their Mac.

Cost: $699

Chateau Presidential Desk

Forget all this talk of ergonomic and space saving desks. What you want is a REAL desk. A desk fit for a president or a king. A desk from which you can plot global domination. The Chateau Presidential Desk is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands.

Best for: The freelancer who can handle their megalomaniac pretensions.

Cost: $3350

Halo desk

This desk is sure to brighten up any drab home office and has enough space for all your storage needs. It’s also available in custom colours to suit your needs. Despite its minimalist look, it also has plenty of storage space for most people’s needs.

Best for: The freelancer who wants a spacey looking desk that brings their office surroundings to life.

Price: Only on request