For the freelancer who works at a client’s office, it can sometimes be difficult to find a spare coffee mug. Perhaps the boss is so stingy that they only have enough for one per employee. That’s why it’s advisable to bring in your own mug. But, don’t just make it any old ceramic drinking device, make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. In essence the coffee cup you use should be a celebration of your freelance status.

Here’s a guide to nine of the best…

Nonchalant Mug

Deadline-cupWho is else, other than a freelancer, would dare drink from such a subversive mug? That’s a rhetorical question. It’s symbolic of a freelancer secure in their own ability. Either that or a freelancer at ease with their own perpetual failure.

Best for: the freelancer who casually leans back in their chair, typing away with one hand and holding a cup with the other.

Security Cup

PluggedOne of the big problems of bringing your own mug to the office is that it could get stolen. There’s a simple way around this: the plugged cup. How it works is pretty simple; there’s a hole in the mug, which is filled by a removable plug. So, when you’re away from the office, simply take it out – this way noone can steal your mug.

Best for: the paranoid freelancer who doesn’t trust full-time employees.

Drink Selector Mug

Drink-selectorAre you part of a coffee round? Do you always end up screaming: “I DIDN’T WANT MILK IN MY BLIMMIN COFFEE!!”? Then this mug will solve the problem of forgetful tea and coffee makers. Simply rotate the tabs around the cup to reveal how you want your hot beverage.

Best for: the very particular freelancer.

The subversively humorous mug

BeatingsHave you walked into an office where everyone treads on eggshells? Help them grow a pair by drinking out of this mug. Simultaneously you will succeed in branding yourself as the freelance hardman who don’t take no shit.

Best for: the broad shouldered freelancer, with an otherwise jolly demeanour.


Anti-bullying mug

BullyingLook, workplace bullying is nothing to laugh about. It happens, it’s real, it… exists. This mug proves that you’re a sensitive soul who won’t let any foul-mouthed, intimidatory behaviour go unnoticed. Indeed, you will strike out against it. Sternly drink from this mug with the message turned towards the perpetrators.

Best for: the freelancer who stands up for the belittled.

Biscuit holding mug

Biscuit-mug-11Brilliant. You’ve made a coffee, now you need to store a biscuit somewhere. This ingenious mug has a biscuit pocket on the side, where you can place a Digestive, before walking back to your desk. Alternatively, you could keep the biscuit tin on your desk. But, would you have the discipline to avoid overeating?

Best for: the freelancer who would like the crumb of comfort of having a hand free while carrying their hot drink.

Toilet mug

Toilet-mugEver dreamed of drinking from the toilet? Now you can with this perfectly hygienic toilet mug. As the promotional material rightly asks: Why should dogs be the only ones allowed to drink out of the toilet??? And yes, it WILL make your co-workers do a double take.

Best for: the freelancer with a brilliant sense of humour.

Camera lens mug

Lens-mug2If the the toilet mug wasn’t novelty enough, then try out this camera lens mug. It looks and feels like a real camera lens, it’s just a shame that it’s yet to go into production. When it does, it really will be a picture when astounded colleagues watch you pour hot water into it.

Best for: the picture perfect freelancer.

The classy cuppa

Teacup-on-saucerHandcrafted from clay, this is the classy way to enjoy a cup of tea. Leave the rest of the office to their “You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps” or creepy “I LOVE my boss” novelty mugs, and instead express your uniqueness with an elegant cup and saucer. Everyone in the office WILL be jealous.

Best for: the freelancer who does it with style.

And that’s my nine of the best. What should make number ten? Feel free to leave your suggestions below…