Just over two weeks ago I visited the School for Creative Startups up at Somerset House, London, both to deliver a talk as part of their showcase and cast an eye over the 100 or so startups in attendance.

An initiative designed to help creatives build their businesses, an abundance of seasoned entrepreneurs took part, eager to provide their expertise and help the assorted startups on their way.

As you might expect as the MD of Crunch I was brought along to speak about business finance matters; my talk ‘How to make a profitable and tax-efficient business’ aimed at helping creative start ups with the fundamentals of cashflow and making their businesses really work.

Darren @ School for Creative Startups

Speaking to a room of around 80 people, I pointed to the benefits of going limited and delivered  a crash course on cash flow management, drawing upon my own experiences from setting up of Crunch. Aware I was speaking to an audience of a more creative inclination, I also reiterated the importance of selling and went through various aspects of the sales process. This is a vital part of business development and one often overlooked by freelancers and new businesses!

A few people have been in touch since the presentation, and I’m pointing them in the right direction for their businesses, helping them where I can to take their startups to the next level.

Aside from the talks, the showcase weekend offered creatives with the chance  to pitch to the likes of Doug Richards, take part in workshops and sell their wares to attendees. Two startups I was particularly impressed with were the design company Raw Studio and Miles Campbell, a clockmaker who’s currently in the process of launching his website.

In fact, so impressed was I with Raw Studio’s hanging chair design that I’ll be placing an order shortly!

All in all it was a great weekend and I’d highly recommend it to any Crunch client looking to build upon their business knowledge or our more creative clients looking to reach a new customer base.

Next up, I’ll be at Digital Shoreditch speaking once again on business fundamentals – getting the cash in the door, managing cashflow and working smarter. Come along if you’re in the area!