UKIP have branded themselves “the party of butcher, baker and candlestick maker” and claim to have small business at the forefront of their policy-making.

The party plans to cut down on late payments, slash business rates for SMEs and improve access to finance. They also have a heavy focus on local business growth and support.

You can read UKIP’s full manifesto here. Their key policies for freelancers and small business owners are:

UKIP will increase personal allowance to the level of full-time minimum wage earnings – approx £13,500 – by next election.

This pledge is greater than the Conservative and Lib Dem promises of a personal allowance of £12,500.

Raise the 40% income threshold to £55,000 and introduce a new immediate tax rate of 30% on incomes ranging between £43,000 and £55,000.

End tax dodging by leaving the EU – businesses will no longer be able to pay tax in whichever EU or associated country they choose.

A cut in business rates for small businesses

Retain zero hour contracts but subject them to a binding code of conduct

Extend the right of appeal for micro-businesses against HMRC action

Allow British businesses to employ British citizens first

British businesses are already allowed to employ British citizens if they wish – at this point it is unclear how this policy will be implemented.

Push local authorities to offer at least 30 minutes’ free parking in town centres, high streets and shopping parades to encourage shoppers to visit high street stores

Put an end to late payments

With late payments from large customers an ongoing issue for micro-businesses, many parties are promising action in this area. None – UKIP included – have detailed what action they would take, however.

Pilot a scheme to improve access to trade credit insurance to small businesses

Appeal EU Regulations and Directives that stifle business growth

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Photo by Gage Skidmore