The Green Party, better known for their policies on environmental issues, are also positioning themselves as a party that supports local businesses, and particularly the self-employed.

By giving more power to local authorities, the Greens believe they can provide a better network for small businesses, where professional advice will be provided on a much more personalised, SME focused, basis.

You can view the Green manifesto in full here. They key policies for freelancers and small businesses are:

We’ll increase the minimum wage to a living wage – £8.10 per hour in 2015, £10 per hour by 2020

Phase-in a 35 hour working week. Combat unemployment by sharing available work more equally

End zero-hour contracts and the exploitation of interns to ensure no one works unpaid for more than four weeks

Make equal pay for men and women a reality

Introduce a maximum pay ratio of 10:1 between the best paid and the worst paid in every organisation

Give workers a greater say in the running of their companies – have employee-elected directors in medium-large companies

Encourage small firms to become more embedded in the local community

Better support for social enterprises

Use receipts from a wealth tax to reduce employer’s National Insurance Contributions in the longer run to 8%

Maintaining corporation tax for small firms at 20% whilst raising for larger firms to 30%

Reduce the tax on conviviality and help small businesses in the tourism and restaurant businesses by lowering VAT to 5% for cooked food, entertainment and accommodation

Ensure that legislation requiring small businesses to be paid on time is properly enforced

Simplify PAYE through Basic Income proposals

Increasing HMRC’s employees by 15,000

HMRC currently has 67,000 employees – so this would be a 22% increase.

Introduce a ‘wealth tax’ of 2%

Abolish the employees’ National Insurance upper threshold

Raise the top rate of Income Tax to 60%

The Additional Rate of Income Tax is currently 45%. Labour have pledged to raise it to 50% if elected.

Abolish the Capital Gains tax personal allowance

Equal rights for the self-employed

In respect to their rights to certain benefits like Maternity Pay and unemployment benefits.

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Photo by Pete Birkinshaw