Today we heard Her Majesty’s programme for her Government this coming year. Sadly, there was little of significant value for micro-businesses in the legislative plans announced.

The lack of plans to support the burgeoning micro-business sector, in which 8.4 million now work, is deeply disappointing.

While plans to improve access to broadband will be welcome to some struggling with poor internet connections, it does feel like too little too late for most who have found their way online by hook or by crook.

Changes to pensions to cap some fees and the creation of a single advice organisation are also welcome, but unlikely to lead to major changes being experienced by most micro-business owners.

Dividend tax hike

Meanwhile, the planned increases in dividend taxes for this financial year are still progressing. Even though the changes will hurt lower earning company owners harder, the Finance Bill that will implement the tax hike is still progressing through Parliament.

There is still a chance the Government or opposition could amend the measure and Chorus will keep campaigning hard on behalf of micro-businesses.