ISAs (individual savings accounts) provide a simple and tax-free way to save for the future. On 6th April this year, the Government increased the annual ISA allowance from £15,240 to £20,000.

This means you can now save up to £20,000 in a stocks and shares ISA, and any growth or income achieved is absolutely free from tax.

These generous tax benefits have helped ISAs remain exceptionally popular since they were introduced in 1999. The increased allowance is great news for savers trying to grow their money, especially against the backdrop of historic low interest rates on cash savings accounts.

Understand your options

When it comes to investing in your ISA, it’s important to understand the options available and choose the right investments for you. For example, you need to work out your attitude to risk, as well as whether you’ll need access to the money in the short-term or can leave it to grow over time.

While some people leave ISA investing until the end of the tax year, if you invest at the beginning there’s much more time for your investment to target that highly attractive tax-free growth.

ISA tips

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