Being a product manager is rewarding, but it’s certainly no easy feat. It’s easy to forget or neglect a few elements of the job when you are being pulled in so many directions. Luckily, if you’re falling into this common trap, hope is not lost.

We’re playing host to a ProductTank Brighton meetup, in which three experienced speakers will be sharing their experiences and wisdom about what can sometimes be missed.

Date: Thursday, 22nd June 2017
Time: 7pm start
Location: Crunch Academy, Crunch HQ, Brighton

The talks will cover the following themes:

“Culture is your operating system”

Teams creating great digital products and services work hard to create and preserve their culture. In this talk Ben Sauer, UX Strategist at Clearleft, will be examining what a great team culture looks like, and some baby steps on how to get there.

“Lessons learnt from launching Image Insights”

Mark Rogers, Product Manager at Brandwatch, will be talking about the sometimes hair-raising process of launching the new Image monitoring product and the last minute “oh no!” moments.  

“Reputational Security”

Senior Security & Integrations Engineer at Rakuten Marketing, Tim Stamp’s day-to-day role involves applying modern security practises to both new and legacy systems, defending businesses against the ever evolving threat landscape in the digital arena.

Visit the ProductTank event page for more information and to reserve your place.