Working from home requires strong self-discipline and an ability to manage time effectively. For all the fancy Time Management applications out there, the best one is still an old-fashioned clock. Sure, we all have the time on our computers, but it’s not the same as having a proper clock face hanging high up on the wall above your desk.

Nothing makes you more aware of the gradual passing of time than the slow conspiratorial rotation of the big hand and the little hand. And yet it’s all somehow reassuring. The time you have left to achieve your goals is illustrated by the time that is yet to pass. As long as there is time, there is hope.

With that said, would you like to look at some brilliant clocks just perfect for the home office?

Recycled Clock and Thermometer

Thermometer-clockThis dual purpose timepiece and thermometer has been made using recycled vending machine coffee cups and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. So, perfect for the summer when you can choose to work in the garden. If you don’t mind sweating all over your laptop as you get close to a deadline.

Best for: the freelancer who works so hard that they become completely unaware of the temperature rising and are in serious risk of feinting unless they glance up at their clock and realise that they’d better open a window and have a glass of water.


Butterfly Clock

Butterfly-clockThis Italian designed clock perfectly symbolises the freedom associated with being a freelancer. For the most part, we escape the normal confines of time as experienced by regular workers. We flutter away from the prison of a nine-to-five lifestyle.

This beautiful piece is available in different colours.

Best for: the freelancer who wants every bit of decoration to be deep and meaningful.


Chalkboard Clock

Blackboard-clock1-2Ever wanted to write reminders on a clock face but been worried about leaving a permanent mark? Then this Chalkboard Clock is for you! Got a deadline at one o’clock – make a note in the appropriate place. For those who find it tricky to tell the time without numbers, you can always draw them on yourself.

Best for: the arty freelancer who likes to create their own custom versions of everything. Now you can rewrite the laws of time.


Newgate Wall Clock

Trad-clockIt looks like one of those antique clocks you would expect to see at a 1950s train station, where trains were always on time (either that or people didn’t make a big deal about it like people do these days) and robots weren’t needed to greet a train’s eventual arrival.

The Newgate Wall Clock looks just like a clock should.

Best for: The freelancer with a presidential looking desk, and a well-worn brown leather chair.


Book Clock

books-1This Book Clock sits neatly on your bookshelf perfectly disguised as a series of books. The next time someone asks: “Where’s the time gone?” They might actually be asking a literal question. In fact, it’s not so much a conversation piece, it’s more a pun-fodder piece. “Can you read the time?” “No, the books don’t open!” Hilarious.

Best for: The freelancer who likes books, but doesn’t have enough time.


Who Gives A Shit Wall Clock

Who-clockIt’s the kind of clock you might want to hide when an important guest comes round. But doesn’t it look great? It’s a basic 10-inch plastic encased clock where the numbers have fallen out of place, but you don’t give a damn because you’re a freelancer who’s paid for results.

Best for: the freelancer who also owns a suitably nonchalant mug, and perhaps an ironic T-Shirt.


Distressed Wall Clock

Distressed-clockThis is a great looking clock that would fit perfectly in any rustic looking office. But at £240 it doesn’t come cheap and would be a waste in a modern looking apartment. Features Roman numerals and tuscan rust finish.

Best for: The freelancer who’s doing pretty well for themselves.