Crunch for Good

    We believe business should be about giving back

    We want to make a difference for others so we’re doing our best to help our community. That includes charity work, mentoring and reducing our impact on the environment. If you want to get in touch with Crunch for Good email us at


    We want to play our part in helping future generations to get the best chances in life to succeed in what they’re passionate about.

    We have a number of trained mentors who can share their experiences.

    Caspian, featured in our video, is a great example of someone who, thanks to Crunch for Good, has taken the first steps forward.

    Caspian’s story

    Caspian explains what it takes to be part of Crunch for Good, and how it helps.

    The Wonder Years

    Caspian’s father explains a little about his background and his son’s upbringing and journey prior to teaming with Crunch Chorus.

    Becoming empowered

    How mentoring has helped Caspian to achieve his business dream.

    Our Mentors

    Ben Herbert

    "I was so impressed with the pupils ideas - creative, thoughtful and personal. I was also struck by their sense of social responsibility. I am super excited and cannot wait to help them fulfil their ambitions."

    Flo Raud

    "I had mentors and people helping me to get where I am at. Mentoring at Aldridge is a great way to give back."

    Ben Schaefer

    "I think the mentoring programme is a really exciting opportunity for both the students and the mentors and I'm looking forward to getting involved however I can."

    Darren Fell

    "It was so good to meet some of the students. Some of their ideas were brilliant and I think this is going to be so rewarding for the mentors."