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You can use our accounting software on a range of tablets, including iPad and Android devices. We also offer iPhone and Android apps to help you record expenses on the move and track your business mileage.

Yes! If your business exceeds the VAT threshold, you are legally required to register for VAT. In some cases it can be beneficial to register for VAT before your turnover reaches the threshold.

We can advise you as to when you should register and will handle the registration on your behalf for no extra charge.

As your registered office, Crunch will deal with your Companies House and HMRC post on your behalf. Once they arrive at our offices, the letters will be scanned, securely stored in your account and shredded. If action is required from you, your client manager will notify you and explain the situation.

Anything that isn't from Companies House or HMRC will be returned to sender.

An authorised agents, we act on your behalf, dealing with HMRC and Companies House for your company.

In order for us to generate your VAT returns, Corporation Tax and year end documents, you need to keep your Crunch records updated. We recommend that you reconcile your bank account on Crunch once a month. You can verify your entries using our bank reconciliation system before every tax filing.

Depending on your company activity, updating your Crunch account can take as little as a few minutes per week.

You can register your interest online, but our advisors will need to contact you to start the process and perform the necessary security checks, which can't be done online. Once you've spoken with an advisor, you'll be introduced to your client managers who will be on hand to answer any questions.

We have either monthly subscriptions with a rolling 30-day contract, or annual subscriptions with a 12-month contract. If you have paid up to the end of a certain financial period, we will still complete and file any HMRC or Companies House submissions for that period, even if the deadline occurs after you leave Crunch.

We pride ourselves on the ease of use of our software, which makes your bookkeeping quick and efficient. If you ever need help, your client managers will be more than happy to assist.

We also have a wealth of templates and business guides available, which will help you with everything from invoicing, to chasing funds to finding out about expenses.

As with all accountancy firms, the experience and qualifications of our accountants vary. Our accounting staff range from chartered accountants all the way through to apprentices. Our accountants undertake a programme of ongoing training so they are up-to-date with any accounting and tax legislation changes.

Our accountants have a range of qualifications from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). We are also IPSE accredited (which recognises our particular expertise in dealing with tax issues for the self-employed), and an AAT Accredited Employer.

You get unlimited advice from your client managers and our accountants at any time during office hours, over both email and phone. You don't need to book an appointment or find time in your busy day to visit us, we're available as and when you need. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm.

To activate your Crunch account you need an active limited company, a business bank account, and your historical accounting data from your previous accountant, if applicable.

If you have these, your account can be set up in a few minutes. If not, we'll help you get set up. Your client managers can form your limited company, send you information on opening a business bank account, and assist you with you transferring your accounting data over from your old accountant.

You will have unlimited support from both your dedicated client managers and from our team of expert chartered accountants.

We'll let you know of key dates in the financial year, helping you avoid fines and stay on the right side of HMRC and Companies House.

You also have unlimited access to advice relating to your business from our team of expert chartered accountants, who can help you with everything from specific accounting or tax queries to business expenses.

Switching to Crunch from another accountant is quick and simple. If you've just completed a previous financial period, it may be as simple as inputting your opening balances, which can be done in seconds.

Your dedicated client manager will help you with the switching process, including contacting your previous accountant and arranging for the transfer of records, and notifying HMRC and Companies House of the change.

A setup fee may apply depending on the time of year you switch. Please contact us for individual details.

Having adequate insurance in place helps protect you and your business, as well as your clients and the general public. Your clients may also demand you have business insurance.

Public liability insurance protects the your business against a claim from the public for financial loss, accident, or injury.

Employers' liability insurance provides a financial award to a member of your staff who is injured or has property damaged whilst in your employ during working hours.

Professional indemnity insurance offers protection for your business against a customer suing you for a financial loss that they believe you caused through negligent advice and services.

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Our team of experts will be able to help you decide if you should operate as a sole trader, limited company or through an umbrella company. We can answer your questions with a free, no obligation consultation.