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Agency workers regulations guide

Learn about the laws and see if they apply to you

Agency Workers Regulations ensure these workers are given some of the same employment rights as full-time employees who do the same work, and prevent companies from exploiting contractors.

If you’re in scope of the Agency Workers Regulations, you could be entitled to benefits from your employer. Whether or not you can claim benefits will depend on if you’re a contractor, limited company contractor, or personal service company. Seeing as Agency Workers Regulations can carry heavy consequences for employers, many tactics have been developed to avoid the rules. You need to know what the law says to avoid being trapped in a restrictive contract.

This guide goes over what the law says, helps you figure out if it applies to you and gives advice on what you can do to enforce your rights.

Learn about Agency Workers Regulations

Agency workers regulations guide

by Nick Chowdrey

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What you’ll learn

  • What the Agency Workers Regulations are and why it’s important
  • Whether or not the Agency Workers Regulations apply to you
  • How companies are trying to avoid the rules
  • How to enforce your rights


  • Agency Workers Regulations basics
  • Defining yourself as a worker
  • Defining the scope of the Agency Workers Regulations
  • Your options
  • What is an umbrella company?
  • What is the Swedish Derogation Model?
  • Impact on clients
  • Businesses avoiding the Agency Workers Regulations
  • Best options for contractors?
  • Limited companies that the Agency Workers Regulations still applies to
  • Disputing employment status
  • Other developments
  • A final thought
  • Appendix