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Directors’ responsibilities guide

The responsibilities directors need to know to stay within the law

This no-nonsense guide gives new directors’ of a limited company a clear and easy to understand overview of their responsibilities, duties and obligations towards their new business. You’ll also learn handy tips on how to run a successful, smooth and profitable operation.

With directors’ responsibilities comes a great power. However, the company must always comes first, and don’t forget it! Your duty to the company is the underlying and foremost legal principle to uphold.

This guide will help you fully understand directors’ responsibilities, providing everything you need to know to make sure you act effectively and, crucially, within the law.

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Check out our Directors' Responsibilities guide

Directors' responsibilities guide

by Calum Morrison and Laura Hughes

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What you’ll get

  • The legal definition of a director
  • Important dates and directors’ responsibilities
  • How to avoid penalties and late payments
  • Crucial tax filing and return dates


  • Basic directors’ responsibilities
  • Understanding the role
  • Important dates and duties
  • Penalties and late payments
  • Tax filing and return dates