Help to grow scheme

Get the government to pay for 50% - yes, really!

You’ll be super-excited to hear that Crunch has been selected for the amazing Help to Grow scheme. If you have five or more employees and you’ve been running for 12 months or more, you can get 50% off Crunch’s subscription.

Get the voucher today and our expert advisors will help you every step of the way.

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Who can claim Help to Grow?

The Help to Grow scheme is specifically designed for businesses that have operated for 12 months or longer and have between five and 249 employees.

Both of our Limited Company Pro and Premium packages have been selected as part of the Help to Grow scheme, with a maximum employee count of 10.

It’s important to note, however, that Crunch has packages and add-ons to support your growth.

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Why Crunch? Because we offer everything you need, not just some of it.

Our packages combine simple and secure online accounting software with the expert guidance of your own team of qualified accountants and client managers, available whenever you need them to answer your questions and support your business growth.

As avid supporters of UK’s small businesses since 2009, we were determined to give back: that’s why we’ve added an amazing three-month 50% discount on top of the government’s support!

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Help to Grow restrictions

Whilst any initiative to help UK small businesses is a good thing, we’re very conscious that Help to Grow’s strict eligibility criteria excludes a number of deserving small businesses across the country.

We’ve called on the government to soften the eligibility criteria and expand Help to Grow to many more small businesses, and help the UK’s small business community grow and thrive.

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Crunch goes further to help you

The government’s Help to Grow website is a tad tricky to navigate, so we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get the healthy discount, if you qualify.

Click on the button below to book a callback with a Crunch advisor: we’ll make sure you qualify for the scheme, then guide you through every step of the journey to get the digital voucher.

If you get stuck, we’ll even help you through the ‘Help to Grow’ section on the site via screen share, and go through the online ordering process on Crunch’s website.

For your application, all you'll need is:

  • Your Companies House registration number
  • The number of staff you employ
  • Your name and role in the business
  • Your email address

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*Eligible Help To Grow businesses will get 50% off their monthly subscription for their first year. The remaining 50% will be paid by the UK government. Offer only applies to Crunch Limited Company Pro and Premium packages. Offer is not available for Crunch Free, Sole Trader Pro, or Small Business packages. All Help To Grow applicants must be an existing limited company that has been trading more than 12 months with more than five employees. Discount only applies to main subscription service and not to any add-ons or additional services. Offer not available to any existing Crunch Free, Pro, Premium, or Small Business client, or to anyone who has previously used Crunch.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to apply?


If your business is a limited company that’s more than 12 months old, has 5+ employees, and hasn’t used Crunch before — yes. Don’t worry if not, we can still help with your accounting. Check out our plans to find out more.

Why can only certain businesses apply?


We’re aware that, currently, Help to Grow isn’t available to all the small companies that would benefit from it. We’ve called on the government to expand the scheme to allow more small businesses to access it. Watch this space!

When did Help to Grow start?


The scheme was announced in March 2021 and opened for applications in January 2022.

How long is it running for?


Help to Grow is expected to run for three years. This may change though as more companies apply and claim the benefits. We’ll keep you posted.

Why would the government pay towards my accounting?


Small businesses are key to the success of the British economy. Because of this, the government is backing small companies as one of the driving forces behind our economic recovery from coronavirus. The aim is to boost SMEs, create more jobs and increase productivity to help our economy bounce back.

Is Help to Grow just about accounting software?


No, there are other areas too. We’re part of Help to Grow: Digital, where companies can claim discounts on software from chosen providers. As well as accounting software (and services like us) there are  also CRM and e-commerce options. 

Another part of the scheme is Help to Grow: Management Course. 90% funded by the government, the 12-week course can help business owners grow their companies, network and find mentors.