Becoming self-employed

How we're giving Epic Integration more time to get the little details right



    Nick Kirk and Richard Blackwood have worked in the audiovisual industry for years but were never quite satisfied as employees of a larger company.

    They would see corners cut, standards compromised, and client relationships suffer in pursuit of larger and larger profits. As you might imagine, two guys obsessed with expensive TVs and audio equipment are sticklers for high fidelity – and they thought they could do things better.

    After endless discussions, they finally decided to remedy the situation in 2012, and together set up Epic Integration. The transition from employee to business owner was almost instantaneous – after finishing their last job for their old employers one morning, they drove to Knightsbridge and started work for their first client that very afternoon.

    Now, with control over every stage of the job, Nick and Richard can make sure work is completed to the exacting standards their clients expect, and nurture client relationships that last many years. By managing their time better, and putting quality over profit, Nick and Richard are finally able to give clients the flawless experience they crave.

    Owning and operating a small business means working long hours, and making use of all the time available. Invoices are raised and expenses claimed en route to client meetings (one drives, one does the books), and day-to-day accounting tasks can be completed from anywhere through their Crunch account. Including, in Nick’s case, from beside a pool while on holiday!

    Starting a business is a daunting task, and the co-founder’s families have been supporting them along the way, with company t-shirts to prove it. Epic’s Account Manager Claire doesn’t have a t-shirt yet, but she’s available whenever Nick and Richard need her.

    With a few years steady trading under their belts, Epic are looking at expansion in the near future – but on their terms. No compromises on standards, and no sacrificing client relationships; the little things matter. Claire and the rest of our team will be here to support them every step of the way.

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