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IR35 and hiring a freelancer, contractor, or worker


Hiring a third party could open you up to tax and legal pitfalls surrounding their employment status – are they a subcontractor or an employee? We explain.

What do recruiters need to know about IR35? - Image of two recruiters with a contract


IR35 changes were introduced on 6th April 2021 will have a significant impact on recruiters, both at employment agencies or in-house. Get your free guide.

Getting your contracting business ready for IR35 in the private sector, image of British currency | Crunch


The government introduced major changes to IR35 in April 2021. What do contractors and businesses need to do to ensure they're meeting the new rules?

Crunch, What to do if HMRC ask for proof of your employment (IR35) status


HMRC's recent IR35 email campaign to GSK clients has raised a few eyebrows - but what should you do if HMRC ask for proof of your employment status?

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IR35: Why contractors should have business insurance, image of someone signing insurance terms

Although changes to IR35 have been delayed until April 2021, contractors working through a personal service company still need to have business insurance.

Is my contract inside our outside IR5 - Crunch - image of a man looking at papers

If HMRC decide your contract is inside IR35, it can be a costly and time consuming. We look at the best ways to ensure you're not caught out.

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August 1, 2021

Crunch have been our accountants for years, so it made perfect sense to use them as our mortgage brokers too (not to mention the fact that none of the others we approached had any expertise in dealing with self-employed applicants). There were some hiccups in the process, but Jamie and Gemma helped steer us through and we ended up with a great offer that I doubt we would have got with anyone else. Thanks guys!

Joe Wackett

July 30, 2021

Zoe was very helpful in getting me set up with crunch, highly recommend


July 29, 2021

I have been with Crunch for years. They are always available with help and advice and the software is about as simple as it is practical to be. Currently they are working on a new interface so I expect it will become even easier. Compared to the cost of an annual manual accountant it is seriously good value for money.

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