Five of the UK’s most beautiful coworking spaces


    We’ve long espoused the benefits of coworking. Not only is it a great way to get out of your home office, it can actually improve your productivity, and make you a whole host of new freelancer friends to hang out with.

    Coworking is now such a booming industry that swanky new spaces are cropping up all over the UK, offering everything from sun decks to soundproofed meeting room. We’ve been on the prowl and hunted down seven of our favourite spaces for the sociable freelancers.

    TechHub Old Street

    This recently-opened space is sitting pretty at the heart of the UK’s biggest technology cluster in East London. Featuring a list of successful alumni, TechHub has become synonymous with the UK startup scene, and a bustling events calendar, fully-kitted-out offices and power-networking galore ought to ensure this new location continues that tradition.

    Good for: Aspiring Zuckerberg’s, those who “hack”, and occasionally “hustle”.

    Location: East London

    Price: £275 per month

    Perks: 24/7 access, WiFi, meeting rooms, unlimited coffee and toast

    The Guild

    A city as beautiful as Bath needs an equally beautiful coworking space, and The Guild provides just that. Located mere metres away from the historic Abbey and Roman Baths, The Guild offers modern working in traditional surroundings – one of our team that visited recently described it as “amazing.”

    Good for: Those who enjoy a spa treatment in their lunch break

    Location: Bath

    Price: From £49 per month (full-time £259 per month)

    Perks: Social directory of members, variety of spaces (from two-person meetings rooms upwards), complimentary equipment loan, 24/7 access, WiFi, your own locker.


    Another coworking space with a digital slant, TechCube is home to many of the denizens of Edinburgh’s nascent tech cluster. With views over the historic cityscape, and within spitting distance of Arthur’s Seat, if you’re looking for some coworking action in Scotland’s capital, look no further.

    Good for: Freelancers who moonlight as Fringe comedians

    Location: Edinburgh

    Price: £150 per month

    Perks: 24/7 access, meeting and common room, WiFi, buzzing startup atmosphere & frequent investor visits

    The Assembly

    If block colours, minimalism and big windows are your thing, The Assembly in north-eastern Manchester could be the best spot for you. The Assembly is a space built around collaboration, and they sell themselves as a coworking centre designed to “allow businesses to co-exist and help each other thrive”.

    Good for: Collaborative Mancunians who dislike clutter

    Location: Manchester

    Price: £160 per month

    Perks: 24/7 access, WiFi, free guest pass (for up to 14 hours per week)

    Matthews Yard

    Many coworking spaces talk about collaboration, but Matthews Yard are taking it one step further and selling equity in their business to the local community. At the time of writing, the space – which features a cafe, bar, offices and arts facilities all under one roof – has raised about £20,000 by selling 350 shares in their business.

    Good for: Failed folk bands starting their own consultancy business

    Location: Croydon

    Price: From £10 per month (full-time £150 per month)

    Perks: Extended hours at the weekend, 15% discount on food & drink, access to members-only events

    Do you have a favourite workspace which is particularly easy on the eye? Drop the link in the comments below!