UK’s top 50 office complaints revealed

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    Hate loud types? Water-cooler gossip leaving you exasperated? Passive aggressive post-it notes making your blood boil?

    We all know surrounding yourself with the right people can have a positive effect. However, as our study shows, if you work in an office there’s a good chance some of your colleagues are driving you up the wall.

    According to our research, a quarter of UK employees are unhappy with their current employment, while a third are considering chucking it in entirely.

    Technology woes were one of the biggest bugbears, with crashing computers and slow internet both featuring highly. Let’s face it, who hasn’t been at the mercy of these titans of terror with a tight deadline looming?

    When asked if they want a different way to make a living, nearly a quarter of respondents said they wished they could work remotely.

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    The top 50 office bugbears in full

    1. Crashing computers – 27%
    2. Slow internet – 25%
    3. Office gossip – 24%
    4. Workplace too cold – 24%
    5. Colleagues moaning – 22%
    6. Eating loudly at desk – 21%
    7. Pointless meetings – 21.5%
    8. Colleagues making you look bad – 19%
    9. Workplace too hot – 19%
    10. Colleagues interrupting you – 17%
    11. People calling in sick when you suspect they’re fine – 17%
    12. People coming into work when they’re contagiously ill – 16%
    13. People who suck up to the boss – 15%
    14. The toilets being left in a horrible state – 15%
    15. Emails being ignored – 14%
    16. Meetings that seem to go on forever – 13.5%
    17. Appraisals/performance reviews – 13%
    18. Stinky food – 13%
    19. Messy office – 12%
    20. Talking too loudly on the phone – 12%
    21. Uncomfortable seats – 11%
    22. People using corporate jargon -11%
    23. When you use the toilet after someone’s made a terrible smell, and when you come out there’s someone else waiting who will think the smell was made by you – 10.5%
    24. Your internet use being monitored – 10%
    25. Having to contribute to birthday/other celebration collections – 9%
    26. Someone’s mobile phone notifications pinging loudly all day – 9%
    27. Colleagues over-sharing details of their personal lives – 9%
    28. Repeatedly rescheduling meetings – 8%
    29. Food being left to rot in the communal fridge/cupboards – 8%
    30. People looking at your computer screen – 8%
    31. Tuneless humming or whistling – 8%
    32. Colleagues who are totally clueless about technology – 8%
    33. People stealing your food from the communal fridge/cupboards – 7%
    34. Overly loud typers – 7%
    35. Not making tea – 7%
    36. People leaving passive-aggressive messages on post-it notes – 6%
    37. Constantly being tempted by snacks/cakes – 6%
    38. People who send emails to you despite sitting next to you – 6%
    39. Making small talk about the weekend on a Friday afternoon – 6%
    40. Finger-drummers – 5%
    41. People who comment on how long you’ve been out at lunch – 5%
    42. Making small talk about the weekend on a Monday morning – 4.5%
    43. People not contributing to birthday/other celebration collections – 4%
    44. People clipping their nails at their desks – 4%
    45. Making small-talk in the lift – 4%
    46. People listening to music on headphones so you have to wave to get their attention – 3%
    47. People who drink protein shakes – 3%
    48. People who run or cycle to work, leaving their sweaty gear everywhere – 3%
    49. Wacky office pranks – 3%
    50. People who eat incredibly healthy lunches – 3%

    Crunch surveyed 1,000 UK employees between 5 and 8 December 2016.

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