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Knowing your value as a UX freelancer

If you’re a UX freelancer (one of those front page web interface design types) you may be interested in a new survey which reveals how much you can expect to get paid in the industry.

By detailing the pay of UX freelancers across varying experience levels, location and gender – this is probably the most exhaustive study of its kind.

The study involved 168 UX freelancers and was undertaken by Leisa Reichelt, a freelance UX consultant who utilised social media networks for the project.

What you’ll probably be most keen to discover are the actual comparative day rates. The rates have been divided by level of experience (Senior, Mid-Level, Entry-Level) and pay is shown across four different categories which includes average pay , the highest (maximum) amount of pay recorded by a single respondent and the lowest (minimum) amount of pay recorded by an individual. See the table below:


What’s quite astounding is the disparity in pay. The pay of newbie UX freelancers varies from £75 to £350 in London! But a similar disparity exists with both mid-level and senior freelancers. At least this should give you an idea of where you are and where you could, or should, be in the payment league table.

It’s also interesting to observe no significant difference between those working in London and those outside of the UK. The ‘Out of UK’ category refers to those freelancers based in the UK but working for companies overseas. However, these results come from a very small pool of respondents and so can be largely dismissed.

For UX freelancers, the year ahead seems full of optimism with 98% of respondents intending to maintain or increase their day rates while 50% were endeavoring to increase their pay over the next year.

It was very positive to read the industry sectors UX freelancers were working in.



It’s no surprise that publishing / broadcasting / media came top, with consumer goods / advertising and finance / professional Services coming second and third. But, closely following these were startup companies. It’s further proof that during these tough economic times people are not afraid to establish new businesses and outsource for the relevant talent.

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