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Five handy IFTTT recipes for the busy freelancer

Many people – a surprisingly large number, in fact – have never heard of IFTTT. Short for “If This, Then That”, the service wants to “put the Internet to work for you”, and acts as conduit to automate communications between different web services. Users are able to build “recipes” using the “if this, then that” formula – for example, if I get a new email, back up any attachments in my Dropbox.

These little timesavers quickly add up to very helpful automation, and IFTTT has a huge library of user-created recipes which you can use to automate your workflows. As an avid user of the service myself, I’ve picked a few which could shave a few precious minutes from a busy freelancer’s admin chores every day.

Automatically follow-up new contacts

Are you a serial networker, barfly or business gadabout? The kind of person who is constantly finding mystery additions to your phone’s contact list? Give this recipe a try. Every time a new contact is added to your iPhone’s phonebook, then you’ll get an automated email to follow it up the next day. Especially handy after a busy networking event!

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Keep your profile pics in sync

If your face is your brand, having a consistent profile picture is incredibly important. Ever have a friend change their profile picture on Twitter and wondered “who the hell is that?!” This recipe will help you keep your digital presence consistent – every time you update your Facebook profile pic, your Twitter headshot will follow suit.

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Streamline your publishing

Not entirely dissimilar from the setup we use ourselves, this one. If you have a blog where you are regularly (or irregularly) posting your musings or latest work, this recipe will automatically push it to your Twitter feed. Simple and effective.

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Don’t turn up for your meeting drenched

A devilishly simple automation, this, but incredibly useful. If rain is forecast for tomorrow, this recipe will fire off an email letting you know to take an umbrella. A great solution for the less organised amongst us.

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Save things for later

A personal favourite. Users of the excellent Pocket read-stuff-later app can use this recipe to save articles for later consumption simply by favouriting a tweet containing the link. A great way to queue up a stack of interesting reading for the evening.

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Any recipes you use that we should know about? Drop the link below!

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