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How we’re helping IT contractor Ronan Moriarty understand his income

After languishing in full-time IT positions for years with few opportunities for professional development, Ronan Moriarty decided it was time to take control of the situation.

Relocating from Dublin to London with his wife, he started contracting in 2012 in the insurance industry, and took to the London lifestyle like a duck to water.

Now commuting from Ealing into Central London every day for his current contract with a maritime insurance provider, Ronan is enjoying the learning opportunities that come with more varied work – and the extra free time to pursue side projects.

When he first arrived in London he walked into a high street accountant and signed up – however soon realised he wasn’t getting the level of service he expected. With no visibility of revenue and profit levels, Ronan had no idea how much money he could safely withdraw from his company.

Soon after a fellow IT contractor recommended Crunch and Ronan made the switch. With our online accounting software monitoring his income and expenses he was able to see his available cash in real time, and his Account Manager Emma was always on hand to answer questions.

Like many IT contractors Ronan was concerned about his IR35 status, but after a quick IR35 Review with one of our accountants all his worries were laid to rest.

As Ronan enters his third year of contracting, his finances have never been in better shape. With Emma keeping an eye on his accounts he’s free to do the work he enjoys, and spend more time enjoying the capital with his wife.

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