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Prime Minister announces General Election for 8th June

Speculation was rife this morning as word spread that Theresa May was making an announcement at 11:15am, with no indication of the subject matter. Thankfully, it’s not nuclear war – but the announcement of a snap General Election on the 8th June is nonetheless a bombshell of massive significance for freelancers, contractors and small businesses.

Pending the snap Election being backed by two-thirds of MPs, Prime Minister May’s incumbent Conservative Party will be looking to increase their mandate for a ‘hard Brexit’, meanwhile taking advantage of the Labour Party’s ongoing failure to overcome their division woes. Over the next couple of months we’re likely to see some hastily cobbled-together policies from all parties, akin to an election campaign on fast-forward.

While even a newly focused, united Labour will have trouble winning a majority without some sort of electoral pact with the likes of the Lib Dems and the Green Party – stranger things have happened. The polls seem to point strongly towards a Tory victory, but as we have seen over and over (and over ) again in recent times, the only poll that really matters is the Election itself.  As the late former Labour PM Harold Wilson once said: “a week is a long time in politics”.  With eight long weeks to go, who knows what could change?

What does the snap General election mean for the self-employed?

While the dominant media focus is likely to be on personalities, inevitable gaffes, and our relationship with the European Union, we at Crunch will keep you informed on what this historic event means for you and your business, and what the respective parties are doing to court your vote.

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At a time when stability is in short supply, the UK's freelancers, contractors and small businesses have woken up to an uncertain election result.

Headlines constantly deride regulation as pointless meddling, with the ill-sentiment perhaps reaching its apex during the build to the EU referendum.

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