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Female world leaders helping to boost confidence of women in business

As part of our focus on women in business, we commissioned research with OnePoll to get a better picture of the challenges faced and how recent events are affecting the gender balance.

One of the key findings of the research was that the success of female political leaders in the world appears to be having a positive effect. A whopping 39% stated that they were considering starting their own business based on the recent success of female leaders, such as Theresa May.

Almost a fifth (17%) of respondents felt greater confidence to speak up and have a greater voice in meetings. A further one in 10 (12%) of the women polled said they are more willing to haggle or negotiate a business deal.

Importance of work / life balance

The research also showed clear evidence that many women go into business in order to take charge of their life. The number one reason behind women wanting to start a business was to create a better work / life balance (34%), whether they’re mothers having to balance work with childcare or women simply wanting to create the work life they want.

One-fifth of the women polled said that the lure of having more choice in business decisions (who to work with, when, and what to work on) was the main factor when deciding whether to start a business.

A large proportion of the men polled (23.5%), were motivated by the opportunity to be paid what they’re worth. In contrast, this was the secondary reason for women, with just over one in ten (11%) saying money was their main motivation.

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