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Listen to the podcast from Crunch towers!

The latest podcast from our partners Freelance Advisor, has been recorded live from the new Crunch office! The episode discusses a brand new online tool called ‘Network Roulette’ (a professional speed networking tool) and also features Crunch founder Darren Fell telling the story of Crunch’s expansion and move into a new office.

Network Roulette is a very interesting concept indeed: you get your login details, and then are randomly connected to a fellow professional with whom you have three minutes to talk, before being automatically on to another person. It sounds much like online speed dating, but for professionals. Not that I have any experience of the former. You can check out their website on this link.

Darren pops in towards the end of the podcast and talks about the success of National Freelance Day (“an amazing day”) and big plans for Crunch as a significant employer for Brighton & Hove. As Darren explains, the number of staff and customers is expanding at such a fast rate, he may need one extra-special person on board:

“I am considering employing a further employee and that might be mum. Mum’s now retired and she’s looking for work so I think she can do the sandwiches, teas and coffees, we could have the all original Crunch tea lady coming in!”

It’s been a true symbol of progress to go from 800 square feet of space in a half basement half ground-floor set-up to just shy of 4000 square feet in an airy office. Having a tea lady may, just literally, put the icing on the cake.

Access the podcast here.

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