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Snap gets Snappier: Introducing Lite and Unlimited

Thousands of our clients use our mobile app, Snap, to claim expenses on the move every month. What could be easier than taking a picture of a receipt with your smartphone and having it automatically recorded in your account?

With Snap fast approaching two years old, it’s high time we made some changes to the old girl. Last night we launched a big update to the Snap service, breaking it out into two tiers; Lite and Unlimited.

Since its launch we’ve been running Snap on a fair usage policy of about 15 receipts per month – Snap Lite is the exact same service, except we’re now imposing a hard cap of 15 receipts per month. Don’t worry – we’ll warn you when you’re close to – or over – the limit.

We regularly hear from people who want to use the Snap mobile app and email service full-time to claim all their expenses – this is exactly the problem Snap Unlimited is designed to solve. Priced at just £5.50+VAT per month (around half the price of most standalone receipt scanning services), Snap Unlimited allows you to scan and email as many expenses as you like every month!


Snap Lite

Snap Unlimited

Free for all Crunch clients£5.50+VAT per month
15 items per monthUnlimited items

You can activate Snap Lite or Unlimited in the Crunch Connect tab, and cancel at any time. If you choose an Unlimited subscription, the monthly fee will automatically be added to your monthly Direct Debit.

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