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Could a limited company be the right choice for locum doctors?

Posted by Crunch Accountants on Jan 25th, 2019 | Limited company

Could a limited company be the right choice for locum doctors?, image of doctor meeting patient

Many locum doctors in the UK work via NHS and locum agencies which handle their pay, much like a direct employer would. However, there are other ways that locums or freelance GPs can go about finding work and getting paid for their services.

The locum doctor can provide their services in different ways, including direct employment, working via a limited company, as a sole trader or even via an umbrella company. And of course, the aforementioned agency route.

NHS and locum agencies

By providing services through an NHS or locum agency, health workers pay employment tax at source under normal PAYE rules. This is fine for many as they won’t have to do any accounting or tax preparation. On the downside, it’s not the most tax-efficient way of working as a freelancer, and you’re restricted in the type of expenses you can claim.

For healthcare professionals moving to the UK from overseas, it may initially be the preferred option as some agencies offer specific help and guidance about residency and the right to work in the UK.

Starting a Limited Company made easy

Limited company option for locum doctors

Running a limited company usually provides the most tax-efficient option and gives you the opportunity to be the director of your own company. For most people, a limited set-up requires the services of an accountant – unless you’re particularly sharp on tax filing procedures and day-to-day administration.

Tax efficiencies are secured when you pay yourself the right combination of dividends and salary. You also get to claim legitimate business expenses which can reduce your tax bill.

In the right hands, a limited company can be a simple way of doing business. Unfortunately, some accountants will leave you adrift in a sea of receipts, invoices, and documentation which you then have to gather up in an orderly fashion before sending it all over for them to process. However, if you have an accountancy service which keeps all your records safe and secure online, whilst offering expert help and guidance, limited company life becomes incredibly simple.

Before deciding to set up your own limited company, you need to understand how HMRC will view your employment status. If your contracts are caught under IR35 rules (depending on whether you are in the private or public sector), you’ll pay more employment tax.

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In simple terms, being under IR35 means you are treated an employee of your client. Your company’s income from a public sector client will be treated as employment income for you as an individual and will be subject to National Insurance and Income Tax deductions. Your end client will pay Employer National Insurance as well.

Sole trader option for locum doctors

The major advantage of being a sole trader is that it’s the simplest way of running your own business. You also get to claim expenses (similar to a limited company) and means you don’t have any IR35 concerns.

The major disadvantage is that it’s not as tax efficient as a limited company. Depending on how much you earn, you could keep a lot more of your income with a limited company. As a sole trader, you’re liable for Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax (which is a tax on selling or giving away assets such as property or vehicles).

As a sole trader, you’ll still probably find life is much easier with a handy online sole trader accounting system and expert advice. Our sole trader software even prepares your Self ASsessment for you to make your life easier.

Umbrella companies for locum doctors

Working freelance via an umbrella company is much like an agency set-up where the umbrella company sorts out your employment tax, leaving you to simply hand in timesheets. Naturally, they’ll charge for the payroll service they provide, and it’s administered on a PAYE basis. So, it’s not as tax efficient as a limited company or sole trader route (and you’ll have to pay to use the timesheet and payroll services).

If you see an umbrella company promising high amounts of take-home pay, through an offshore company for instance, please be very wary. HMRC keeps such arrangements under constant review and has closed many such schemes in recent years. You may find yourself liable to pay outstanding tax going back a number of years if HMRC concludes you should have been paying employment taxes.

Our Umbrella service can take care of everything for you, leaving you to simply hand in your timesheet and let us deal with making sure you get paid and taking care of the tax and National Insurance for you.


There’s a range of options for locum doctors in the UK. At Crunch, whatever route you choose, we provide expert accountancy advice alongside our online software which enables you to automatically draw up invoices, easily record expenses and have a real-time snapshot of your income and expenses. By keeping all your accounting needs in one place, life as a limited company director is surprisingly easy.

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