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Five alternatives to business cards

The digital revolution has rendered many things outdated and effectively useless; video tapes, cassette players and even the humble book all succumbing to technological advances and the digital domino effect.

These technological advances have been embraced by those in the business world, changing the workplace beyond all recognition. There’s still some antiquated objects milling about though, despite a wealth of digital alternatives. Amongst them is the good old business card, an anachronistic staple of any successful freelancer’s armoury.

Business cards provide an invaluable way to maintain contact with faces met at networking events and the like, but change your details and you’re left with a heap of useless card and the need to get a load more printed up. Not good on an economical or ecological front. So, working our way through the iTunes store, we’ve come up with some digital alternatives to the age-old business card.

Here’s some of them worth sussing out.


Amongst the key features of this app is its ability to provide business card creation in ‘one tap’, on top of the ability to ‘flick’ your creation over to fellow users, by, as the name suggests, flicking your iPhone or Android screen.

Furthermore, if you’re an Instagram of Facebook user, with this app you’ll be able to create business cards out of photos created or stored on the two services. A useful asset if you want to stand out amongst the more conventional business cards out there.


A LinkedIn creation, this app helps you to create address book contacts from your business cards, whilst simultaneously providing the opportunity to add them as connections. You take a picture of the relevant business card and the app does the rest, converting it into the framework of LinkedIn. Providing you’re a LinkedIn user, this nifty little app could save you from sifting through a mountain of cards, just to find that one contact.


In the same vein as Cardflick, TakeMyCard offers a digital card sharing service, albeit without the gimmicky flick feature. Instead, all the information usually stored on a business card is sent via email, providing users with the ability to send three different sets of information about themselves and their business, in a rapid, efficient and quite stylish manner.


Useful if you’re a networking aficionado, this app allows you to track where you’ve met your potential new contacts, whilst also providing a few usual features like the ability to share your digital business card with anyone you meet. Well, provided they’ve got an Android or Apple gizmo.


Incredibly easy to use, with this app you can transfer anything traditionally contained on a business card via the mutual bump of a smartphone. Think of it like a business high-five. There’s not much more to add, it really is that simple. I’m not sure quite how it works, but it’s clever and one of the more innovative ways of exchanging details.

For the tech-savvy freelancer the five apps above can help to make networking that little more effective, whilst also saving you from carrying a pile of business cards. You’ll be doing the environment a bit of good too!

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