Know your #freelancing hashtags

Posted on Apr 13th, 2012 | Running a business

Freelancing and Twitter are a great match. You can chat with your peers, find new work, and share funny videos of cats. A key part of the Twitter experience is the #hashtag. Using these tags you can sort and filter Twitter’s raging torrent of content and find tweets about specific events, subjects or objects.

Although many hashtags are fleeting affairs, Twitter has now been around long enough to have plenty of hashtag stalwarts. These hashtags are permanent fixtures in the Twitter world and are used regularly by specific sectors or groups. These can be especially handy for freelancers working from home to communicate with the outside world. Here are just a few of the most popular:


Copywriter, blogger or journalist working on a piece? Tell the world about it with the #amwriting hashtag! #Amwriting has been around so long it even has its own website and community. It’s not just for telling people about your work though, you can cast around for opinions and thoughts on a particular subject from your fellow Twitter users.


Being a journalist (or increasingly, blogger) can be a difficult job – fifth worst in the world, according to a recent study. Fact-checking articles and sourcing quotes can be time-consuming and frustrating. Don’t worry though – your fellow journalists and eager PRs are on-hand to help on the #journorequest hashtag. Most popular uses include finding the PR firm for a particular company, or sourcing interviewees on particular subjects.


Somewhat obvious one, but worth a quick search when you’ve got some downtime or a few days to fill. Combine it with your sector or location for much more useful results. I myself have scored a nice writing gig through a quick search for #jobs #Brighton!

#drupal / #wordpress / #php / #ruby

Insert your specialism of choice, basically. Twitter is a hive of activities for developers, and any questions you have can by answered by the many great minds available to you!


A hashtag especially for homeworkers! Every weekday at 11am GMT, freelancers working from home create a virtual water cooler for an impromptu natter about the subject of the day, whatever it may be. Get involved in the discussion, but don’t forget to tag every tweet!


One for all the photographers out there – or just those in need of a little eye-candy. Regular contributors include a raft of professional snappers and National Geographic. Sometimes abbreviated to #photog or just #togs


No, not the delicious gelatinous pudding – the series of local coworking groups! Use this hashtag to track down your local event and see how others are going.


Know any other hashtags useful for freelancers? Let us know in the comments!

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