Recruitment – three alternatives to dreaded agencies

Posted on Oct 3rd, 2012 | Running a business

Most people have gone through the (often harrowing) experience of dealing with a recruitment agency at some point in their careers. Often you must contact them to apply for a job at an entirely different company. You’re completely cut-off and the recruitment agent is free to edit and present you to their client as they please.

Then there are the temp agencies, with their seemingly endless piles of paperwork, sporadic placements and continuous sense of insecurity. To top it all off, these agencies also get a cut of your wages too. It’s a nightmare really, but luckily some companies are working hard to offer some viable alternatives.


Elevate have managed to create a cloud software-driven recruitment system which puts the employer and the employee firmly back in the driving seat.

The need for an agency middleman is completely eradicated. Contractors are able to sign-up and create their own profiles, meaning they have complete control over how they are presented.

The process to do this is also very simple, especially with Elevate’s CV parsing option which saves the time of having to type out your entire work history. The employers on the other side are actual companies, not just agencies looking for a nice commission. This means communication is much more streamlined and less stressful. You can pitch yourself to the company, rather than relying on someone else to do it for you.

Freelancing Map

This is a site that has taken a unique, local approach to connecting freelancers with clients and vice versa. If an employer is on the lookout for someone in a certain place, it is a simple matter of sticking the location into the search box. The site then shows all available freelancers in the area who have signed up to the service on a Google Map.

Then it’s just a matter of finding the right person based on their skills. It is a great way for freelancers to get themselves noticed very easily for local jobs. They can also use the search function for themselves to find available jobs in their own area. Freelancing Map launched recently, so now is the ideal time to sign up and get noticed.


PeoplePerHour has a very interesting two way system. First, there is the common set-up of clients posting available jobs and then waiting for people to apply for them. The employers also get to keep control of the proceedings meaning, like Elevate, there can be discussion and communication over the job at hand.

In addition to jobs being posted by employers, the freelancers themselves can post their own proposals to sell themselves to potential clients. One of the suggested ways of doing this is to create a 30 second video showcasing their skills. It’s a great idea that helps to put the power back into the hands of freelancers to present themselves in the way they know best.

So, to put it simply, there are plenty of ways to escape the negatives of dealing with traditional recruitment agencies. The solutions above are just a sampling of the options available to freelancers, so even if they don’t work for you have a look around and you’re sure to find a solution to your job hunt.

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Written by Joshua Danton Boyd

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