Crunch Chorus: Your voice in the new economy

Posted on May 9th, 2016 | News and opinion

The micro-business community is the backbone of the UK economy, yet in the policy debate it’s deeply under-represented as a sector. With your help, we’re going to change this.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Crunch Chorus: a new micro-business community from Crunch.

Crunch Chorus is totally free to join. You will have access to advice and guides for freelancers, contractors, and small business owners. You’ll also get to be a part of our campaigning work, pushing the Government to recognise the huge part you play in the economy.

Passionate about micro-businesses

Crunch Chorus is the natural evolution of the passion for micro-businesses that underpins Crunch.

Darren Fell, Crunch CEO, is passionate about helping people create the lifestyle they want by building businesses that enhance, not intrude upon, their personal lives.

Alongside Crunch, in 2007 Darren launched Freelance Advisor, a community-driven effort to help more people make the leap into a freelance lifestyle. Now, with the help of Jason Kitcat, former leader of Brighton & Hove City Council, this community has grown into a national force and is helping shape debate in the halls of power.

Our voice, together

Today sees just the beginning of our ambitions for what Crunch Chorus will offer the micro-business community. It’s completely free and by buying Crunch’s services you will help fund Crunch Chorus’ success.

We want you to help shape Crunch Chorus. Tell us your ideas and share your challenges. Together, we are the collective voice for micro-businesses in the UK.

Join Crunch Chorus today!

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