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Crunch Events: Masterclasses, Launches, Meetups & More!

Posted by Crunch on Feb 8th, 2021 | News and opinion

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Upcoming events:

Crunch Free masterclass
1st March 2021

How to master your Crunch Free accounting software

Join our Crunch team of Luke Young and Jake Smith to take you through how to get the most out of your Crunch Free software. We’ll give you some time-saving tips on how to keep on top of your bookkeeping and show you some of the most useful features, as well as give you a chance to ask any questions. We’ll be running two sessions, one for sole traders and one for limited companies. The session will cover:

– Setting up your account (adding your business details, logo and more)
– Creating suppliers for expenses
– Recording expenses (Snap app, recurring expenses)
– Setting up clients and acing your invoicing
– What’s in the Help Centre
– Banking (set up open banking, add credit cards, manually uploading statements)
– Reconciling your account (how, why, and when)

Register for the sole trader masterclass at 12.30pm on 1st March or

Register for the limited company masterclass at 1.30pm on 1st March

Previous events:

2nd February 2021

Webinar: COVID-19 Help For UK Small Businesses

Confused about what support is still available for small businesses and the self-employed affected by COVID-19? Fear not – we’ve kept our finger on the pulse.


21st January 2021

Premiere: What is a Self Assessment and how do I file one with HMRC?

Just started out in self-employment? Jake Smith explains how to complete your annual Self Assessment and file it with HMRC, without the jargon.


19th January 2021

Premiere: Take The Leap – Freelancing On The Side

In full or part-time employment and considering working for yourself on the side? Luke Young discusses what steps you should take to get the ball rolling, and what professional and financial responsibilities you have when juggling two jobs.


25th November 2020

Premiere: Take The Leap Episode 1 – Should I Go Self-Employed?

Crunch’s Luke Young takes a look at the ups and downs of going self-employed and gives you some handy tips on how to hit the ground running if you decide to take the leap.


30th October 2020

Masterclass webinar: Becoming Self Employed

In this video, Jake Smith and Michael Awuye from Crunch are joined by business coach, mentor and author of the popular from “From Crew to Captain” books, David Mellor!


June 2nd 2020

Crunch Free goes live!

Keep on top of your limited company and sole trader bookkeeping anytime, anywhere. Send invoices and keep track of your expenses – and best of all, it’s completely free! Find out more about Crunch Free, our awesome entry-level accounting software.


30th April 2020

The Conversation’s On Us
Virtual self-employed meetup


19th March 2020

Webinar: End of 2019/20 Tax Year

In the run-up to the end of the 2019/20 tax year, we looked at everything you needed to be doing to maximise your tax-efficiency and get ready for the new tax year.


12th March 2020

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


25th July 2019

Webinar: Tax Webinar for Hermes Sole Traders

Working with Hermes and stumped by tax? Join our experts for a jargon-free explanation of what taxes you’re expected to pay as a sole trader.


6th June 2019

Webinar: What Taxes Do Sole Traders Pay?

Self-employed and stumped by tax? Join our experts for a jargon-free explanation of what taxes you’re expected to pay as a sole trader.


6th June 2019

Webinar: What Taxes Do Limited Company Directors Pay?

Working for yourself and stumped by tax? Join our expert Luke Young for a jargon-free explanation of what taxes you’re expected to pay as a limited company director.

9th May 2019

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


15th March 2019

Webinar: End of Tax Year 2018/19

As we approach the end of the tax year there are important actions you need to take before 5th April 2019. Our experts Ben and Michael explain the major changes coming for the new, 2019/20 tax year.


14th March 2019

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


27th February 2019

Webinar: Getting Started as a Freelancer

Want to get paid to do what you love? Ben and Luke can help you ensure you stay legal and tax-efficient. Find out what you need to register for (and when), and get practical tips on running your business alongside your day job.


21st February 2019

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


5th December 2018

Masterclass – Disasterproof Your Small Business

Andy Robinson (Head of Business Development at Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance) joins us to discuss why you need small business insurance, what types of insurance you should consider, and what can happen when you aren’t insured.


8th November 2018

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


11th October 2018

The Coffee’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


13th September 2018

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


9th August 2018

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


12th July 2018

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


14th June 2018

The Beer’s On Us
Brighton self-employed meetup


19th April 2018

New Tax Year, New You – Webinar for Limited Companies

A short webinar that will give you some useful tips on working as a limited company, including how you make sure your next Self Assessment isn’t a royal pain.

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