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It’s our 10-year anniversary!

Posted by Ross Bramble on Apr 24th, 2019 | News and opinion

Break out the party hats and pop that champagne – Crunch is turning 10!

Yes, believe it or not, we’ve now been delivering our bespoke brand of expert accountancy software and support for 10 whole years. Today, we represent over 10,500 clients and our Crunch family has grown to 180 talented accountants, client managers, designers and more. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

In that time, we’ve moved offices, won a string of business awards, invested millions in our software, and helped thousands of people take control of their business finances. Our Crunch Chorus community is now over 13,500 members strong, and our website attracts over half a million page views each month, thanks to our helpful jargon-free articles and business tools.

We’ve outlasted all the trends – Pokémon Go and fidget spinners, Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey, Baby Shark and Gangnam Style, Jedward and the brief resurgence of Billy Ray Cyrus. Our journey started in the age of the flip phone, planking and Dog the Bounty Hunter, for goodness sake!

We look back on our 10 years with a lot of pride, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients – the thousands of self-employed people who trust us with their business finances every single day.

From each and every one of us here at Crunch, we want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our clients, whether you joined us yesterday or all the way back in the April of 2009.

Here’s to Crunch 10 – and to Crunch 15, 20 and beyond!

It's our 10-year anniversary! - Image of the Crunch 10 year anniversary cake

Meet some of our 10-year clients

Steve Hearsum – Edge and Stretch (Crunch’s first client)

“I’d known [Crunch CEO] Darren Fell through his first business, and as my own freelance business grew, I decided to change things. I wanted to look more like a business than an independent, so having both a limited company and becoming VAT registered were key to that. This meant more accountancy support, so when Darren got in touch, the timing was perfect. Plus I loved the idea of being Crunch’s first ever customer.

“More seriously, I was intrigued by the thought of disrupting an industry like accountancy, given that they had not been until that point particularly savvy or embracing of technology, and far from user centred. Add to that I loved the idea of knowing exactly how my finances were doing, in a way in which I had hands-on control, and working with a growing business that would build solutions I needed.”

Jaime Yates – DESIGN BY BIONIC Ltd

“[After 10 years with Crunch], I am still a freelance Creative Artworker – but a better, more knowledgable one now. I have become a Mum of three beautiful daughters in that time, and Crunch has helped me manage maternity benefit and all the hoops you have to jump through to secure this.”

Andy Clayton – Triple W Software Ltd

“In 2009 I was made redundant – I decided that if I was ever going to set up on my own that was the time to do it. One evening I heard [Crunch CEO] Darren Fell being interviewed on BBC Radio 2 and realised that Crunch could be exactly what I was looking for.

“Since then I’ve provided web and app development, design and print services to a wide range of customers. I’ve been able to work in a way that suits me, so I can take time out to walk my dogs on the local beach while still being able to put in a full shift. A few years ago I become VAT registered and that process was super easy using Crunch. Working for myself gives me a work/life balance that’s ideal while giving me the chance to be agile when opportunities present themselves.

“Crunch has been an important part of managing my business over the years and has given me the confidence that the numbers will look after themselves with the minimum of fuss. Just what I need.”

Clive Bonny – Strategic Management Partners Ltd.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting other Crunchers [at Crunch Chorus events] and would just highlight that since using Crunch my diversification into intellectual property protection has been my most used service, especially by startups and self-employed.”

Martin Cleave – Aphyx Ltd

“The most important thing for me when choosing an accountancy solution was ease of use. Adding in the no-fuss registration of my Limited company was a bonus, and the entire process was painless.

“I decided I wanted my business and its financials to be entirely digital. Crunch has made this possible and I can proudly say that my business has generated very little physical paperwork over the last decade.

“Crunch were the only company offering me help and support around the clock, and as my creative business keeps some fairly odd hours I was able to try this out fairly soon after starting. Having a team of support staff and accountants on-hand all year round is absolutely crucial. Crunch’s subscription method was [also] ideal.

“Flexibility was also a key factor. I wanted a solution that moved around with me. I needed to be able to invoice, expense, manage, update and reconcile from wherever, whenever. Crunch lets me do that. Getting Crunch to do my Self Assessment as well has been a huge time-saver, with my financial details easily transferred to the calculations.

“I needed a company who wouldn’t only look after my invoicing and accounts, but also suggest better ways of doing things and advise on the latest government rulings, someone who would fight for small businesses. Crunch proactively called last year to advise me on a way I could save over £1000 on my accounts – that’s what you need when you’re running a small business.

“Crunch has been central to my business since the day I started it. From hand-holding me through the registration of my company in 2009 to making sure that the transition to MTD this year is seamless for my business, Crunch has been there the entire time.”

10 fun stats to celebrate our anniversary

  • Our clients have recorded 8,603,419 expenses, totalling £878,420,684.55. That could buy 135,246 white transit vans, 1,334,985 office computers, or a Christmas party for 5,856,138 employees
  • Our clients have spent £10,650,033 on business phone calls, which could pay for a non-stop 23-year phone call to Australia
  • Our clients’ subsistence expense claims total £26,928,547 – enough to buy 8,976,182 petrol station sandwiches
  • In 10 years, our clients have spent £45,312,829 on public transport – which is still not enough money to fix Southern Rail
  • The total Corporation Tax paid sits at £453,771,166.23 – allegedly, that’s enough to build a new hospital
  • Our clients have claimed 109,759,084 miles in expenses. That’s far enough for three trips to and from Mars – of course, that means your last trip will be one-way, so make sure you pack your 8.9million petrol station sandwiches
  • Our clients have given £3,476,048 to charity over 10 years, which is enough to buy 57,934 clean water tanks for schools in poverty-stricken countries (according to WaterAid)
  • Our accountants and client managers have answered over 1.3m inbound enquiries in 10 years – more than the population of Estonia
  • Our Crunch mortgage brokers have arranged approximately £129m in mortgage loans – that’s enough for 6,450 Brighton beach huts
  • 26 Crunch babies (with three more on the way!) and 14 Crunch weddings

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