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Bad Boss Bingo

Has your boss driven you to the breaking point, where you’re ready to just quit your job and start work as a freelancer or contractor? It’s actually not an unusual occurrence.

It’s often said that workers, rather than quitting their job, quit people. Indeed, a reported 42% of employees have quit a job because they had a ‘bad boss’, according to a study from Approved Index.

But before you clear out your drawer, say your awkward farewells, and run away never to return, have a pop at our new game ‘Bad Boss Bingo’ – and pinpoint which of these notorious egomaniacs your soon to be ex-glorious leader reminds you of the most.


he ‘Denham Reynholm’ (IT Crowd)

What actual qualifications do they have? How on earth did they get there in the first place?


The ‘Gus Fring’
(Breaking Bad)

Puts on a welcoming, approachable front to cover up severe sociopathic tendencies.


The ‘Leslie Knope’ (Parks and Recreation)

A genuinely lovely person, but an emotional time-bomb and micro-managing nightmare.


The ‘David Brent’ (The Office)

Tries too hard to be cool, just ends up making everyone really uncomfortable.


The ‘Malcolm Tucker’
(The Thick of It)

Arrive. Swear profusely at everyone. Leave.



The ‘Monty Burns’
(The Simpsons)

Completely out of touch, and never even remembers your bloody name.


The ‘Basil Fawlty’ (Fawlty Towers)

Always messes everything up. Always blames everyone else.


The ‘Cersei Lannister’
(Game of Thrones)

Solely interested in status, and will step on anyone and everyone to get to the top of the pile.


At Crunch, we love helping people realise the perks of starting a business, and many of our clients have expressed that leaving their job was a hugely liberating career move. But remember that making the leap into freelance freedom means being your own boss. If you’re not able to motivate yourself to work, or secure enough gigs to pay the rent, then you might end up being the worst boss of all!

If you’re not able to motivate yourself to work, or secure enough gigs to pay the rent, then you might end up being the worst boss of all!

So – before you decide to jump in at the deep end – download our freelancing beginner’s guide or our starting out contracting guide to make sure you aren’t going to become The ‘Daisy Steiner’Spaced’s slack, underachieving freelance writer.

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