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Brits most likely to quit their jobs on 31st January

Posted by Tom West on Jan 3rd, 2017 | News and opinion

An office worker clockwatching | Brits most likely to quit their jobs on 31st January | Crunch

Getting itchy feet at work and thinking of handing in your notice? You’re not the only one –  perhaps even within your workplace. But if your New Year’s resolution was to quit your job, don’t fret; you’ve not missed the boat just yet. According to our new research, 31st January is the day Brits are most likely to hand in their resignation letters.

32.5% of the UK’s workforce are considering moving on professionally – but our study revealed that most will hang on until after January’s payday before giving notice.

Bad bosses topped the list of reasons why people gave for wanting to throw in the towel, with almost half of respondents (46%) listing it as a factor in their decision. A lack of career progression (36%) narrowly beat lousy pay (35%), while stress (34%) and the commute (22%) all ranked highly.

The research also shows that this is by no means a rash decision – almost two-thirds of people have been contemplating giving notice for six months or longer, while a third (32%) admitted they have been toying with the idea for 12 months or more. Nearly three quarters (70%) of employees admitted they fantasise about quitting their job, with a quarter (26%) saying it’s a regular occurrence.

And how do people recognise that it’s time to move on? The tell-tale symptoms these disgruntled employees all have in common include clock-watching (46%), Sunday night dread (41%), and constant complaining to family and friends (30%).

Sound familiar? Perhaps a shake-up is in order. Maybe you can get the ball rolling by reading our article: Becoming self-employed – 13 things to consider before going freelance.

Mind your own business

Of those Brits quitting their jobs, nearly one in five (18%) are following their dream of starting a new business. While such a decision is not one that should be taken lightly, it is one that is becoming far more common. The number of British people working for themselves rose from 3.8 million in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2015 – an all-time high and an increase of more than 20%.

Though impressive, this comes as no surprise to those within the micro-business community. Being your own boss offers a plethora of advantages, and there are more free tools readily available than ever before to ensure you make a success of it.

Commenting on the research, Crunch CEO and founder Darren Fell said:

“Why should people slog away in 9-5 roles they no longer find fulfilling? In the modern world of work, people should be able to find flexible, exciting careers that fit their lifestyle, whether that’s in a change of job, industry or following their dream of becoming their own boss. Here’s to 2017 – the year to make a fresh new start!”

Is now the time for you?

If you reckon it’s time for a career change and are considering setting up your own business, visit ‘Starting Out’ on our Knowledge section for free resources and advice on how to make it happen.


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