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Business mileage claim spreadsheet for the self-employed

Posted by Jake Smith on Mar 12th, 2020 | Expenses

Business mileage claim spreadsheet for the self-employed, image of cars on the motorway

Business mileage is an important – but often overlooked – expense for freelancers, contractors, and limited company directors.

Claiming business mileage reduces your company profits, and therefore the amount of tax you pay at the end of the year. In short, claiming business miles is good news for you and your company.

The government allows you to claim up to a certain rate per mile, depending on your mode of transport. These are known as AMAP rates and include the general running costs of your car like maintenance and insurance. Those company directors that cycle will find mileage expenses especially beneficial – you can claim 20p per mile without incurring the fuel and insurance costs of your car-driving counterparts.

We’ve got an article that explains who can claim business mileage and what evidence HMRC will want from you.

All business mileage must be recorded on a standard form (although no proof of the journey is required, unlike other allowable expenses). If you claim at or below HMRC’s published rates there is no tax to pay. However, if you are paid at a rate higher than allowed by HMRC then you must report the difference reported each year on your P11D. Here are the rates (per mile) allowed by HMRC:

Mode of transport

First 10,000 miles

Over 10,000 miles

Car/van £0.45 £0.25
Motorcycles £0.24 £0.24
Bikes £0.20 £0.20

The same rates apply for sole traders, except when it comes to cycling. HMRC do not allow business mileage to be claimed by sole traders using a bicycle, which is rather unfortunate for those green-minded among you, or even cycle couriers. However, you may be able to claim the costs of buying a bicycle for work and consumables such as tyres or maintenance. Any personal use of the bicycle is likely to reduce the amount you can claim. It’s best to speak to an accountant or your local tax office to confirm what you can claim.

Business mileage spreadsheet

The best way to record your business mileage on a day-to-day basis is with a mileage expenses spreadsheet which, as luck would have it, you’ll find right here!

Download our Business Mileage Expenses spreadsheet

Crunch Business Mileage Expenses Spreadsheet 2020/21 →

Need to claim mileage from previous years? Get the 2019/20
2018/19, 2017/182016/17 and 2015/16 spreadsheets.

Note there’s no prescribed, HMRC-approved mileage claim form template. You just need to give the information to the taxman in a consistent, well-presented way. For this reason, a standard expenses spreadsheet that logs all business mileage is always a good idea.

Business Guide on Expenses - What can you claim?

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