Busting Accountancy myths – Can accountants be trusted?

Posted on May 24th, 2011 | Tax

Can accountants be trusted? We can’t speak for everybody, but we like to think we’re a pretty trustworthy bunch. Aside from being the number one small business accountant in the UK, we’ve also been recognised for our excellent customer service – neither of these things would have been possible without a large degree of trust from our clients.


We’re always trying to build trust, as we’re acutely aware that a lot of people think accountants are money-grubbing, shifty-eyed types. We do this is a number of ways.

Flat-rate pricing

You’re not going to trust someone who surreptitiously tacks extra charges onto your bill, are you? We charge one price for everybody, with a handful of optional extras for unique cases such as payroll, past accounts and IR35 assistance. No hourly billing, no hidden extras.

We talk to our clients

Everybody likes to have a good chat now and then, and we’re no different. Whether it be on the phone (for no extra cost, naturally), by email to your personal Account Manager, or even on Twitter or our Facebook page, we always like to hear from our clients. Don’t understand something or need advice? We’ll explain it to you in plain English.

We explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it

If you sign up to an Umbrella company to manage your income, you most likely won’t have any idea how they achieve the level of take-home pay they’re offering. Where exactly does that money go before it hits your bank account? This lack of transparency leads to situations like the Employee Benefit Trust chaos of last December, with all kinds of financial manoeuvring required to maintain levels of return – take a look at the “Swedish Derogation” model being suggested to counter the upcoming Agency Workers Regulation in October this year.

At Crunch the tax efficiency we can offer always remains the same. We let you know exactly what we’re doing, and our software explains how to ensure you extract the maximum tax efficiency from your business – which is usually more than Umbrella Companies can offer anyway!

Total transparency, and total piece of mind.

We take security seriously

As Sony’s recent woes have highlighted, online security can never be anything other than a top priority. We use the latest technology, two-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption to make sure your data is never less than 100% air-tight.

If some ne’er-do-wells were to break into the Crunch offices, the worst they would be able to do is steal our equipment. All your data is stored off-site in banking-grade datacentres using biometric security and 24/7 monitoring.

More secure than an office full of filing cabinets and ledgers? You betcha!

We operate community websites full of useful information

We’re not all about crunching numbers – we’re also dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and information to help you run your business. We employ an HR specialist to answer questions on our site about your working rights (see our articles on the Working Time Directive or Your Employment Status, for example), and our team will answer accountancy questions for any and all comers.

So, can Accountants be trusted? We know the opinions of small businesses are mixed – we’re doing everything we can to prove that accountants can be trustworthy. But we’re not satisfied yet. If there’s something you’re wondering about, or if you have any suggestions – get in touch!

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