Fifteen working from home hacks

Posted on Sep 18th, 2014 | Productivity

Working from home has many advantages. You can set up your workspace exactly as you like, eat whatever you want without being judged and listen to niche Swedish electronica to your heart’s content.

Unfortunately, having a home office also has its downsides. It can be lonely, isolating and, with no one to make you feel guilty for not working, you might find that you spend prolonged periods of time staring at the fine hairs that grow out the back of your hand.

But have no fear! We’ve racked our brains and scoured the web to find the top 15 things to help you fight back loneliness and punch your unproductivity right in the face.

1. Bobble-headed loved one

Get a custom bobble head made of you and your loved one to remind you of your wonderful life together in their absence. If you’re single, get your mum, or something.

2. Remote control kettle

As if working mere metres from your bed wasn’t convenient enough, buy this remote kettle and have a batch of boiling water ready for when you wake up. You can even boil it remotely with your phone.

3. Desktop punching bag

The great thing about working alone is if something really annoys you, you’re free to go as mental as you want, with no fear of being sectioned. Take it all out on this desktop punching bag.

4. Doggy day care

Keeping a canine friend is a great way to get over the loneliness of working from home. But they need to stay entertained. This special dog chew keeps your mutt munching for hours, leaving you to get on with work.

5. Keep kitty content

For those of you who are more feline-friendly, the same company offer a treat dispenser for kitties. Not only does it slow rapid eating, it also helps fight boredom, leaving you to have a break from your kitty cat.

6. Love labels

Working for yourself means all the organisational headaches that come with running a business are your problem. Labels make everything easier, so buy a label printer, like this one from Brother.

7. Stretch those legs

Let’s face it, most people are too self-conscious to get a treadmill desk in an office. Think of all the stares! Thankfully, you can be as weird as you want in your own home, and hopefully it’ll help you stay fit, too.

8. Control your stools

If you’re more of the sitting type, the best way to do it is with these orthopedic stools. Again, probably a bit silly for an office, but you can sit however you want.

9. Cable de-clutter

A clear workspace is a clear mind. For the zen amongst you, this cable box offers a stylish solution for keeping things nice a clean.

10. Lead nipples

From the same company as the cable box above, these ‘Cable drops’ (… lead nipples…) keep your wires where you want them. Attach them anywhere you want, and never go scrambling after loose leads again.

11. Chill out, lappy-t

Not everyone can afford a big fancy desktop for their home offices. Unfortunately, some laptops don’t enjoy being on all day, and can overheat. This cooling laptop stand will help you and your lappy-t chill out.

12. Free phone calls

Want to communicate with your clients and customers for free using Skype, but don’t want to worry about annoying headsets and mic leads? This handy gadget allows you to make Skype calls using your landline phone.

13. Keep cosy

Keeping a consistent temperature is key for office productivity. The Nest thermostat not only keeps you cosy, it also learns your schedule, automatically turning the heating off when you’re away.

14. Robo-maid

Too lazy/busy/both to do the vacuuming? No problem! This little robotic sucker will whizz through your rooms, automatically tracking its way across every surface, leaving your whole house dust and dirt-free.

15. Stay juiced

Because you’re not tied to an office, you can work wherever you want. The Spidermonkey allows you to charge all your gadgets at once from one source, and acts as a portable charger too.

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Written by Nick Chowdrey

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