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Financial Planning

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With years of experience, Polestar will always be able to provide the very best advice for freelancers, contractors and small business owners on subjects like mortgages, pension planning, investments, retirement and inheritance. They’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and operate as independent financial advisors, meaning they can recommend products from the whole market – not just a single provider!

If you’re a Crunch client then you’ll get a free initial consultation with one of Polestar’s qualified Financial Advisors to help determine which products would benefit you most. If you’re wondering how to make your savings work a bit harder, talk to Polestar.

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Financial planning

Polestar provide advice tailored to your personal circumstances to make sure your money goes further.

Retirement planning

Polestar advisors will recommend packages to help you get the return on investment you’ve been expecting.

Inheritance planning

Polestar can help you plan for the best outcome, should the worst happen.


Independent advice can help you secure a mortgage that looks after you as much as your lender.