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Elevate Direct

An online recruitment platform for contractors

Contractors and employees can save themselves time and money by using Elevate Direct. Created by a team with vast recruitment experience, Elevate Direct combines inside know-how with the latest software to connect highly skilled contractors with valuable employment opportunities.

Best of all, Elevate Direct is absolutely free for contractors to use as employees pay to access your profile and meet with you. With no middle man in the shape of a recruitment agency, organisations get an unbiased view of the market.

Elevate Direct’s online platform does not require any installation and has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. With a quick-to-configure software, Elevate Direct searches other databases to provide a comprehensive hub for candidates to search.

“I found Elevate when I was looking for new ways to find clients as I’ve had a lot of frustrations dealing with recruitment agencies. A couple of weeks after signing up I had my first response, which has resulted in an interesting project with a really great client, Photobox. It’s been a very good match. I’ve really appreciated the transparency and convenience of Elevate and being able to deal directly with the employer. I look forward to seeing Elevate continue to grow and provide similar opportunities in the future.” – Helen Sherwood-Taylor, Photobox

Free for Contractors

If you’re a contractor looking for work, you can sign up to Elevate Direct for free.

With Elevate Direct you can...

Find work for free

Contractors can sign up to Elevate, and find work on their powerful online marketplace, without paying a penny.

Save time

Elevate will match the skills from your profile to available jobs, giving you more time to get on with work.

Manage your online profile

You can upload your CV and Elevate will generate a private profile. You can add to this profile to find your perfect job.

Be your own boss

Because Elevate is not an agency, you can negotiate your own rate with potential employers.

Contact Elevate

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