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Easily handle all of your foreign currency exchanges

If you have any foreign currency exchange needs either personally or professionally, get in touch with FairFX. FairFX offer a full suite of foreign currency exchange related products to private clients and a broad range of business sectors. Thanks to their services, businesses that use FairFX can invoice foreign clients and pay foreign suppliers.

Our partnership coincides with the release of Crunch’s new multi-currency invoicing system allowing all your foreign currency exchange needs to be serviced. All our clients will have access to the FairFX dealing desk, FairPay and FairFX’s market-leading web-based Expenses Platform and Prepaid currency cards. FairFX believe in the best quality customer service matched by premier prices and a market-leading technology solution.

“FairFX, as their name suggests, offer Fair Foreign Exchange solutions. Their Prepaid card solution is a market leader on price and their corporate platform is flexible and unique. They also offer the most competitive rates via Fairpay and the dealing desk ensuring you get the most for your money along with excellent customer service. We don’t hesitate in recommending them as the specialist payments partner of choice.”

Reviewed and Endorsed by Founder & MD of Crunch

75% discount

Access FairFX’s international receipts and payments services – Dealing Desk and Fairpay – at no cost and get card and platform access at a whopping 75% discount!
*(conditions apply)

Popular FairFx services...

FairFX dealing desk

Access to a dedicated dealer to handle all your foreign currency exchange needs.


Fairpay is an online international payments tool that lets you pay all your foreign suppliers or other international expenses.

Prepaid currency card

Manage staff expenses, pay temporary staff, or use your card as a straightforward purchasing card.

Expenses platform

Monitor your spending, top-up your cards, annotate expense data and access management reports, all in real-time.

Contact FairFX

See how FairFX can make your foreign currency exchanges easier by sending them a message.

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*Platform access, dedicated dealer and up to 5 users (75% discount), up to 20 users (50% discount).

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