The Safety In Numbers Report

Water cooler moments

At Crunch, we speak to self-employed people every single day, and understand that there are significant highs and lows of going it alone.

We've conducted a survey to look at some of the things we hear most commonly, and created The Safety in Numbers Report. You also told us that you miss the office chat, especially around Christmas, so we've tried to provide a solution and some light relief. Have a read and a listen...

Crunch Chat podcasts provide those missing water cooler moments

Key findings

95% of you think that there are clear advantages to being self-employed, but nearly half of you miss the ‘water cooler moments’ from a busy office environment - 78% of you believe there are definite benefits to these moments with colleagues.

  • 61% agree that the highs of self-employment outweigh the lows
  • 57% say that going into business for themselves was the best thing they’ve done
  • 41% admit that they miss office banter when working by themselves

What is The Safety in Numbers Report?

“Everything Crunch does is to support and empower freelancers, contractors and small businesses. We commissioned The Safety In Numbers Report to give them a voice - to gauge the perceptions, challenges and benefits at this time of year, so we can better understand our customers’ ‘workscape’, to celebrate the highs, and offer some support for the lows.”Darren Fell, Founder and CEO of Crunch